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  Founded - 1881
online payday loans in abilene texas usa
 The median income for a  Household: 41,631 $

 The median income for a  Family: 52,072 $

 Population - 122,147

 Area - 111 square miles

 Wikipedia Page:
 Abilene, TX

Household Income which has most of the residents of the city: Less Than 15,000$ (15,0%)

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2. OffLine: Loan store

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Direct Lender: "Cash Store"
Company Address: Shops at Abilene, 4245 Southwest Dr, Abilene, TX 79606, USA
Company Phone: 1-325-695-1900

You can also visit the loan store in another city (next to you)!

City / State Postal code Distance Company Title Reviews
1. Midland / TX 79701 152,5 miles "Sun Loan Company" -
2. Lubbock / TX 79416 169,3 miles "Advance America" -
3. Wichita Falls / TX 76308 149,3 miles "CashMax Title & Loan" -
4. Fort Worth / TX 76115 151,8 miles "Check Into Cash" -
5. Arlington / TX 76011 163,2 miles "Power Finance Texas" -

Useful financial advice ...

"How Much You can Earn Renting Property?"

Rental income is perhaps the most reliable source of income for most people in most parts of the world. This is because renting ensures that one has a steady source of passive income every month as long as their property has tenants.

Rental rates vary across cities, countries and also across the various types of properties. The variations occur because each city has its individual standards of living which differ from those of other cities. Different properties have unique renting standards depending on the type of property. This is determined by the area the property has been put up, the amount invested in the building or buying of the property. There are several factors to consider if you want to make money on real estate.

Rental TYPE

There are two main types of rental type. One is Rent-to-let. This occurs where one rents a house and then sublets the rooms for a fee they will decide to charge. This one is usually dependent on the agreement one has with their landlord. In most cases, this form of renting offers the investor more money than they pay for rent. However, the expected rate of returns is also dependent on the area where the property is located. Therefore, depending on your location, renting to let could be a temporarily viable option to make money on real estate rentals.

The other form of renting is the normal landlord-tenant rental type. This occurs when a landlord rents out a house and receives a monthly rental fee. The landlord-tenant mode is the most common way of creating a rental income that is recognized worldwide.

We will look at the amount of rental income one is likely to make in a few different countries.

New York (USA)
Apartment rent in New York depends on the size and the type of housing you take. A studio apartment would cost between $1500-$3500, while a 1 bedroom apartment would go for $1800-$5000. A 2 bedroom apartment would go for $2200-$12000 as a 3+ bedroom apartment would be rented from $3200 and up depending on its location. If one has five two-bedroom apartments in the Big Apple, they would probably make upwards $140,000 per annum. This is a good city to be a landlord.

London (UK)
An article in The Guardian mentioned that the rent in London is twice as much as any other place in the UK. Rent in London is estimated to be 1,516 pounds thus making the city a pretty lucrative place to make money on real estate rentals.

Sydney (Australia)
According to the April Domain Group rental report, $520 is the amount one would pay weekly to rent a house in Sydney. Rents in Sydney are priced per week.

Qatar (UAE)
Rent in Qatar has always been on the high end with prices ranging from Qr 9000 - 15000 per month (1 QAR = 0.27 USD) depending on the location of the property. This makes the city a highly recommended place to buy property for rental income.

According to these rental rates, it is evident that making money on real estate rentals is a sure way to get a steady income every month. It is lucrative and will comfortably give one the comfort of enjoying a passive income.

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