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payday loans for trip and holiday

This letter was sent to us by our customers - Jim C. and Samantha N.

"We are a young family without children yet. For a long time we were going to have our holiday in Europe. We wanted to visit Italy, Germany, France and England, so that to have the trip in which we would see all sights we have dreamt of. But, we were stopped by the price. By the most modest calculations we had to waste four thousand Euros for two persons. Certainly, it would be great if the tourist agency has offered such kind of a trip; it would be much cheaper. But chances of such coincidence are very small. In general, we lived and continued dreaming."

"The variant has appeared suddenly – the travel agent, with whom we communicated during the long period of time, has called and has informed at once two tremendous news. The first one is that one company offers the European trip very similar to the trip of our dream. It includes Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy and Czech. In general, Great Britain is not presented in the list, but there are many other things over our desires. The second joyful news is that at the company some places were suddenly released. Because of circumstances some participants of the trip have refused to go. That is not only there is a ready trip under the reasonable price, but it is even more interesting than we wanted and, besides, it is offered also in the status of "burning". That is practically cheaper in twice than it was proposed for other participants! The unique problem is to agree and to pay for participation in two days."

"With our holidays there were not any problems at all. I am the programmer and I have the flexible hours, and the wife in general is freelancer in publishing house. She writes children's books. But we were not ready for this offer financially, in spite of that for two it was necessary only 2500 Euros! The sum for us is not a problem, but it is unreal to earn it in one day. In general we both have normal salary, we can postpone even more, but to take somewhere two and a half thousand at once is a problem. Short-term credit (payday loan, cash advance) has helped us. The main plus is that money was enlisted into our account in an hour. So, we have solved a question, borrowed 1500$ (money still remained on a card of my wife) and in three days I was absolutely happy sitting in the Dutch tea cafe. Well, who was in such situation, that person understands what I speak about. And my wife lost in admiration has been worn on shops. There are a lot of great impressions. I am simply in delight. We even have visited Romania – the homeland of the well-known count Dracula. And what about the well-known French wines! I will show our photos later. The credit has been returned within two months without any difficulties. The trip has been managed in 2500 Euros and plus 500 Euros have been spent (basically – by my wife for shopping). For the general knowledge I have asked the tourist agency to count up the price of such trip under the condition of the usual order. Its cost was 5800 Euros and the maximum discount is ten percent. So, we have decently saved our money."

"I express my deep gratitude to the administration and the staff of the site, which made this beautiful holiday for us!"

We are very glad that we helped you.
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Best our wishes! / / Marina Kingston