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The most popular Cars for people with LOW & HIGH income! - Assistance in obtaining short-term loans during the day with favorable conditions for you!

Do You want to know which cars are preferred by people with small income?
And what kind of cars are bought by people with an average income and above?

We have prepared for you infographic (actual information for 2016)!
Also we pointed out the main characteristics of cars and prices.

the most popular cars for people with low & high income

Actually this is a very decent and plausible rating.

It turns out that the first places are occupied by the following models:
Nissan Versa - for people with a small income.
Lexus RX 350 - for people with middle and high income.

Ending of the list of the best automobiles (in this category):
Dodge Avenger and
Acura MDX respectively!

A similar rating is actual for people with bad and good credit history
(the same relationship).

We express our gratitude to for reviews (likes / dislikes) of discussed car models.

Made by Marina Kingston