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rich people and their crazy actions

People say, money is the root of evil, and though that saying have some weight to it, money is also be termed as the root of most craziness in this world. This usually happens when one has a lot of disposable income, thus he or she tends to spend it flippantly.

Rich people have done unbelievable and strange things with their huge money, and why shouldn't they? When you are a billionaire to extend that you have a lot of cash at your disposal, why not misuse a few cash here and there. Although this may sound ok, some billionaires spends huge chunk of money to do very ridiculous and dumpiest things you can think of.

Could you imagine owning a spaceship for no reason, having a brand new face just because you can? Here is a list of top 5 craziest thing rich folks have done with their money.

#1 - Leona Helmsley (July 4 1920 - August 20 2007) and her "GOLD" dog.

Helmsley use to be a real estate tycoon that didn't like making friends. This rich woman was so rude and bitter that most nick named her the Queen of Mean. Helmsley was not liked by most of her family members and thus had very few people to leave her fortune for. This made her to make a weird decision, which will make you wonder how sane this lady was.

Apart from her wealth, the only other thing Helmsley loved was her dog. When she passed on, she excluded out 2 of her four grandchildren and decided to include her beloved dog on the will. Infarct, she precisely spared $12 million for Trouble, the beloved dog.

#2 - Richard Branson (born: July 18 1950) and his Spaceship.

Up to date, Branson is among the most highly reputable business minds, although, that did not save him from appearing in this list.

This folk heads the Virgin group, which comprise of over four hundred enterprises. As a matter of fact, the guy started his own company when as young as 16 years old.

Branson, after accumulating billions of money, had a thought of a space trip. Yes, a trip to space. This may sound a bit out of this world, but Branson decided to build a spaceship of which rich people will pay him $ 200,000 per a ticket for a space trip. He named them the new space trip company Virgin Galactic and collaborated with Microsoft to develop Spaceship one.

#3 - Howard Hughes (Dec 24 1905 - April 5 1976) and fatal accident.

Howard Hughes was a devoted airline pilot. It seems this guy knocked crazy after an accident he had. Hughes crashed into one of the richest neighbourhoods of Beverly Hills as he was testing out one of his new planes.

After the unfortunate incident, he used to often lock himself in his theater room for a very long time not even taking a shower for months, in addition to that, Hughes would relieve himself on the bottle instead of visiting the bathroom. He never explained to anybody what the theater was all about. I know people like him exist in our midst, but since they are not rich, we call them clinically insane.

#4 - Robert Durst (born: April 12 1943).

Some many years ago, Seymour Durst was among the most successful real estate dealers in the city of New York. He spared millions of dollars to his son Robert, who as a child had to witness her mother take her own life by jumping off a roof.

In the 1980s Robert married a wife by the name Kathleen. The wife went missing such that the investigators never found her body and the case was closed. The case was again reopened in 2000 and coincidentally, one of Robert’s friend was found dead in his house.

In spite of the clear evidence that Robert was a serial killer, after another murder linked to him in 2003, He used a lot of his money to hire the best lawyers he could find. This of course cleared him of all charges.

#5 - God Nisanov (born: April 24 1972).

As much as I would like to appreciate that the world may sometime be funny, I can’t imagine that there is a billionaire called God. Unlike the real God, God did not create his wealth in seven days, however, it took him roughly 20 years of serious investment in property development

At the age of 43, the guy had a net worth of 4.3 billion dollars, most of which he used most of it to philanthropic cause.

God had a captivation with shopping markets to extend he would not stop opening new shopping market near a metro station. In the circumstance when God ran out of room to fix a new shopping market, he would opt to convert the old ones into complexes. In spite of this venture being less profitable, we would not stop putting up this complex. When asked, he would just say, it makes him feel nice when alighting from the train and see one of his building.

To sum up, people have done a lot with money, but those folks, topped my list.

Author: Marina Kingston