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Sometimes, if you do not know the intricacies of public transport in other countries you can not simply go away. How does public transport in the city's most popular travel and what is best to buy?

Transportation costs the most in Mexico - 20% of income, minimum rate in Saudi Arabia - about 9%. Russians spend on transport about 10% of salary.­

The main difference between most European capitals - fare in a particular vehicle and do not travel as a whole, no matter what you drive and how many transplants do. In most cities, free transplantation, including between different modes of transport. However, sometimes, for example, there are separate tariffs for the street (tram, trolley, bus) and off-street (metro) transport modes, between which transplantation can be paid in London and Moscow.

In some cities, such as Budapest, Minsk, Monaco and Sarajevo, the cost of a single ticket purchased in advance is less than the cost of a ticket in the vehicle cabin.

Among the lowest price in Tallinn selected 50 cities public transport for residents of the Estonian capital is free (the other passengers pay fares).

Gathering in autotravel Europe and planning future costs, it must be remembered that the main transit highways in Europe are paid.

If we compare the average values in the one-time fares, cheap they are in Ashgabat, Yerevan and Chisinau. In general, the cheapest city in the post-Soviet public transportation, as well as some of the Balkan countries. Moving northwest, travel prices are rising, reaching maximum values in Copenhagen, London, Oslo, Stockholm and Zurich.

Germany, Hamburg

average transportation costs in germany
- the average salary is 1500-2000 euros;

In order to save the Germans practiced "fargemaynshaft": a few people working and living nearby, thrown off - and somebody goes round all of them on your car.

"On the job get public transport - train and bus - and spend 50 euros per month for travel." - Says Johan Schutte, a consultant for export financing

Serbia, Belgrade

average transportation costs in serbia
"In university I get on the bus and pay 25 euros per month for travel." - Petar Rashich medical student, a future plastic surgeon.

United Kingdom

average transportation costs in uk
UK - a country of contrasts and all prices in terms of life are very individual. Earnings range from 10 thousand (clerks, administrators, cleaners) to 40-50 thousand per year (The top management in the public sector), and slightly higher in the private sector.

Directions - from 1.6 euros. London Underground - the largest and oldest in all of Europe. Its first branch was opened in 1863. Today, the 270 London Underground stations.

Expenses for the development of the British prefer to own a new car (or used in good condition). The machine is very much on the 2 - 3 cars per family.


average transportation costs in norway
Continue on the metro, trams, ferries or buses in Oslo, Norway will cost from 4.34 to 6.68 US dollars.


average transportation costs in italy
In Venice, a site, analysts found Price of Travel, the most expensive form of transportation - water. To ride on water transport - in the famous gondolas, for example, you need to pay as much as $ 9.


average transportation costs in kyrgyzstan
The fare ranges from 10 to 17 "soms" (0,15 - 0,22 USD).


average transportation costs in france
Journey to the center of Paris includes zones 1-3. One trip to the area is € 1.75. 10 tickets - € 12,5.

Zones 1-5 - this is Paris, suburbs and the airport.

Price of one trip in these areas will cost € 6,40 (back and forth). Also there is a separate round-trip ticket to Disneyland - € 14.


average transportation costs in india
In India, in addition to our familiar buses, there are such forms of transport like rickshaws (travel - 10-15 rupees / 1 INR - 0.015 $).

Czech Republic

average transportation costs in czech-republic
A ticket for travel in the Czech bus for 90 minutes costs about 32 crowns = 1, 28 dollars.

The budget for the childless family of 2 people, the city of Brno. Rate: approximately 24.5 CZK per 1 USD

- Travel ticket - 5500 CZK per person per year.


average transportation costs in ukraine
Kiev subway.
Hours - 5:30 - 00:11 (depending on the station), rush hour - 8:30 -10: 00 and 17:00 - 19:00 payment - token (0.2 euros).

Kiev underground experts call one of the deepest in the world thanks to the stations "Arsenal" - more than 100 meters, "Golden Gate" - about 100 meters, "University" - about 80 m.


average transportation costs in poland
Warsaw subway.
The cost of one trip on the subway is 0.6 euros at night - 1.2 euros.

All existing stations of the Warsaw Metro - underground, with an average glubinoy12 meters. project "Bringing the arts" is very interesting, which aims - the development of culture in the urban space. In the framework on high-traffic stations, there are several galleries showing contemporary art exhibitions.


average transportation costs in usa
New York subway.
Directions - 1.5 euros.
New York underground transport system - one of the most advanced systems in the world. When it opened in October 1904, the system consisted of 28 stations. Today, there are already 462, line length - 337 km. Every day, it carries up to 5 million people.

"We have a lot to pay for transport - I ride the subway, and a monthly pass costs me $ 120." - Complains Lauren Engel data analyst, photographer.


average transportation costs in russia
Moscow subway.
A single passage in the Moscow metro is 0.7 euros. For Moscow, the characteristic red color of the letters "M", indicating the entrance to the subway.


average transportation costs in japan
The fare - from 1 euro. The fare depends on the distance between the stations and the operator. Metro is the main mode of transportation in Tokyo. A total of 12 subway lines with 282 stations. Metro passenger traffic of 20 million people a day.

Author: Marina Kingston