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   Research: "The typical borrower in US - who is he?" - Assistance in obtaining short-term loans during the day with favorable conditions for you!

Hello dear friends!

We have begun a major survey to understand who is "a typical borrower" in each of the US states. Who is more likely needs instant cash? The data on different states and cities are not very different, but nevertheless, everywhere has its own nuances.

a typical usa borrower who is he

We will try to answer the most detailed on the following questions:

1) Who is more likely to take payday loans: men or women?

2) What is the average annual income of people who are more likely to take short-term loans?

3) What is the average age of those who use loans more?

4) Who is more in need of money: renters or who have their own home.

5) The most common marital status of the borrower.

6) Who is more in need of money: students, people with part-time, freelancers, people working full-time, unemployed, etc.?

7) What kind of education most of borrowers have?

8) Races and ethnicities of people who apply for "fast money" most often.

The data in the course of the study will be published on the pages of the states of the USA on our website. For example, our first report, you can see here:

We hope this material will be very useful and interesting for US residents.
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