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02 March 2021 - We made our site as simple as possible! Now you can apply for a loan online or find a direct lender nearby in a matter of minutes!

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Hello dear friends!

We have begun a new study (or rather a survey). We ask real people (our clients, friends and strangers) to leave your comments about the borrower, with whom he has worked: has a positive (excellent, good, neutral) or negative experience.

real reviews about creditors: positive and negative

If you are interested to take a cash loan, we recommend you to get acquainted with a company's review located in your town. No cheating, only "naked" truth!

You may also have experience of working with some financial institution. Huge please send your stories to us at the e-mail (, we will contact you and publish material on our website, if it is valid. Remember, you can help other people don't to make your mistakes and protect them from fraud!

We have already published reviews to the following 10 cities:

- Birmingham, AL
- Montgomery, AL
- Mobile, AL
- Huntsville, AL
- Anchorage, AK
- Little Rock, AR
- Anaheim, CA
- Antioch, CA
- Bakersfield, CA
- Berkeley, CA

We will try to add new reviews every day.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Marina Kingston