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   Real review of "TitleMax Title Loans" in Mobile, AL!

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  Lauren Baggett sent us her review July 11, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1960 Government St, Mobile, AL 36606, USA

"Last year I was having a bit of a financial situation, and I needed money to pay my rent. It was clear I will need some form of a loan, but I have to admit I was inexperienced with the loan business, as I have never taken one before, excepting a student loan almost a decade back. Thankfully, my niece pointed me out with my options, and since I got a truck available as a collateral, a title loan was seemingly my best option for the situation.

With that being said, she pointed me to TitleMax for my title loan. She said his boyfriend took TitleMax's title loan from time to time and they always provided him good services, so I decided to give it a shot. By my niece's advice, I gave them a call first before visiting. A guy took my calls, asked me about the details of my truck, and appraised my truck for $2,200, which was more that what I needed for rent. He advised me to visit the nearest branch as soon as possible. The branch at the Government Street was the closest to where I live at, so I gave them a visit the very next day.

A young lady handled my application back then, but I had completely forgotten her name, unfortunately. I remembered her being very helpful throughout the whole process and threw up a few jokes to ease my nervousness. Well, I was incredibly nervous, since like I mentioned, it was my first time dealing with loans and all that. After further inspection, the loan amount went down to $1,600. I was a bit disappointed since the number was less than what they mentioned on the phone, but I took the loan nevertheless. The process was fast, although the queue was a bit long because it was a busy hour. All in all, I only spent roughly a little bit more than an hour until I got the money.

The interest rate, however, was higher than I expected. However, due to my bad credit score, it was the best option I could get at that moment. Besides, my niece compared several other similar title loan providers, and TitleLoan gave a slightly better rate compared to the other ones.

A few months later, my financial situations hadn't improved, and so I couldn't pay the TitleLoan installment on time. I gave them a call explaining the situation, expecting a rude reply as with so many stories I'd heard regarding these companies. However, the guy on the phone was surprisingly civil and asked me how much time I would need. I told him I would be able to pay next week, and he gave me a one-time deal to allow the late payment.

A week later I paid the money, as I've promised, and I didn't get any late fees or added interests on the next bill.

Bottom line, their rate is higher than average, and I would not recommend getting a loan from them unless it's an absolute emergency. However, If you don't have the option for a conventional loan, they are very friendly, fast, and professional at what they do."