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   Real review of "Magnolia Mortgage Company" in Mobile, AL!

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  Malerie Reed sent us her review August 28, 2016.

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  1550 S University Blvd, Mobile, AL 36609, USA

"Back in 2014, I just moved to Mobile, Alabama due to a change of job. After I settled on the job and decided that it might be a long-term prospect, I went to look for a house. I found the house I liked, and the price was just right, so all that was left is to find a mortgage provider. The thing is, since I just moved to Alabama, I was not familiar with my options, and I was a bit paranoid due to my previous experiences with mortgage lenders.

The realtor who handled the sale suggested the Magnolia Mortgage Company. She said that they always handled her clients well, and all of them were satisfied with the experiences. I did a quick look online and found mixed reviews about Magnolia Mortgage Company, so I was a bit hesitant, but the realtor convinced me to give it a try. As a precaution, I also applied to several other banks and lenders, mostly major ones.

I was surprised when Magnolia Mortgage Company was the fastest of the bunch, in fact, they pre-approved my application just one day after I visited the branch for my application. A young lady named Carrie handled my application, she was really friendly and helpful, and she assisted me with all my questions, appreciating the fact that I was new in town. By comparison, the other banks took at least a week to get back to me, however, one other bank gave a slightly better rate compared to Magnolia, so I was hesitant. However, that other bank went back and forth with the process, and keep needing more paperwork every few days. After three weeks with no avail, I decided to give up and went back to Magnolia. When I told Carrie that I got a better offer from the other bank so I was hesitant, she told me that she is willing to put a similar offer. Now, of course, I took the offer without hesitation. After that, the process went very fast, and I closed the deal in less a week.

A few months ago I was having some financial difficulties and I told Carrie about the situation. Surprisingly, she said that she will give me more time to get back on my feet, and not to worry about the loan. She promised that I will not lose the house. Well, I went three months without making any payments, and I didn't get a single collection call. When I paid the loan again three months later, I didn't get any late fees or extra interests. It was really a surprise, I never expected to find a truly compassionate mortgage lender.

All in all, I didn't regret going with Magnolia Mortgage Company for my mortgage, especially because Carrie is always very helpful, kind, and professional with her job. Not only they are very fast and have a good rate, they also always provide a great customer service, as with how they handled my late payments. I'd definitely recommend Magnolia Mortgage Company to anyone."