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   Real review of "Alabama Credit Union - Shoreline Branch" in Mobile, AL!

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  Ryan Damrich sent us his review December 16, 2016.

  Visited address:
  901 Spring Hill Ave, Mobile, AL 36604, USA

"The Alabama Credit Union has always been my favorite for saving purpose, mainly because they offered high rates for their savings and CDs. Their rates have gone down a little in the past several years, but so do other banks and credit unions. I also liked the fact that there are no penalties for withdrawing after a certain number of times, unlike other banks, and this feature has been useful for me in the past.

Once, my debit card was stolen without me realizing it, and the thief ended up using the card for several purchases. The Alabama Credit Union detected the odd behavior and contacted me immediately. After I confirmed my card was stolen, all the purchases were canceled, my card blocked, and they sent me a new card immediately, which only took two days to arrive. Excellent service! Not to mention I didn't need to pay any fees although it was technically my fault.

I also used their various loan services over the years. They were also very fast with their loan application and approval processes, as well as being very helpful throughout the whole processes. I remembered when I first went to them for an auto loan. Other banks were so slow with their paperwork, and couldn't give me decisions after three whole weeks. The Alabama Credit Union pre-approved my auto loan in just two days, and the whole deal closes in less than ten days. They answered all my questions patiently and even gave me some personal advice to make the most of my deals. The interest rate they gave was also great, as well as the payment terms.

I also used their business loan to expand my business. Well, I initially expected a traditional business loan, but they offered me a cash advance instead, as my business was too 'young' to get a traditional loan. I rejected the offer at first because cash advance had a higher interest rate that might burden my business. However, the relationship manager convinced me to take the deal, explaining the benefits I would have from taking the cash advance. He also promised a flexibility in case I will be having financial troubles for my business before the loan was paid off. Well, it did happen. At some point, my business was struggling to make ends meet, and I contacted them because I wouldn't be able to pay my installment. They surprisingly kept their promise, and I got three whole months of leniency to get back on my feet before I needed to pay back the loan again. It's very rare for me to get a bank that is very considerate for the customer needs.

The branch I frequented at Shoreline, Mobile rarely had long queues even during busy hours. Not that they don't have enough customers, but I felt that they managed their staffing well so that the service was very fast at busy hours. They are all also very friendly and professional, and I rarely see employees chatting around. I would definitely recommend the Alabama Credit Union to anyone, especially the Shoreline branch at Mobile, AL."