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   Real review of "Speedy Cash" in Baton Rouge, LA!

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  Matthew Collard sent us his review July 7, 2016.

  Visited address:
  10828 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70815, USA

"I used Speedy Cash from time to time in the past. I had a financial situation a few years ago and had to rely on payday loans just to stay afloat. As with a lot of stories of people with similar situations as me, I got stuck in the payday loan trap, and the whole financial situation got worse rather than helping me. However, I definitely can relate to people with bad credit score, with no other means to get money rather than payday loan options. I could also testify that payday loans can be harmful, and if you are currently reading this looking for your options, please think twice, and it's definitely better to throw away your shame and ask help from friends and family, rather than sorry in the future.

With that being said, Speedy Cash is definitely one of the better options compared to other similar companies. They offered great rates for their loan options, the staffs are friendly, and the loan processes were always fast and efficient. I never spent more than 45 minutes before I got my loan, and you know, there was always that certain nervousness every time you are looking for loans, at least for me. So, fast is good.

On several occasions, I was also behind on my payments, and their treatment towards me was still reasonable. They were never overly harsh with their collection process. No endless phone calls, banging on doors, etc. However, I always gave them a call to notify whenever I will be behind on payments, so I guess that helps.

My financial situation got better, so I didn't use their service for almost two whole years. So, I was surprised when I got a call claiming from Speedy Cash, telling me that I haven't paid my loan for $2,400. The guy on the phone had a strange middle eastern accent, claiming to be a 'Greg', a lawyer for Speedy Cash. I told him I have paid my loans, and I never got a loan as big as $2,400. He threatened me to sue for fraud and sent a fax with the loan details, dating back to 2013. I hung up the phone, furious, and I immediately gave Speedy Cash a visit. The lady who handled me was confused when I informed her about the situation, and even more confused when I showed her the letter. It got all the correct letterhead of Speedy Cash, etc. , except no name was written, just 'lawyer'.

She went back to call her manager, and the manager showed up, explaining that this might be a fraud, and told me to just ignore it.

However, the very next day the guy called again. I furiously told him that I've confirmed with Speedy Cash, and I knew it was a con. He hung up immediately and never called me after that. I've seen other reviews with similar fake calls, and you can be sure it's not Speedy Cash, just some con man using their name. Be careful! Confirm with Speedy Cash immediately."