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   Real review of "Reliant Mortgage" in Baton Rouge, LA!

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  Amanda Briody sent us her review September 29, 2016.

  Visited address:
  11741 Market Pl Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70816, USA

"I and my husband just moved to LA roughly a year ago, as my husband got a new job in LA. We rented a house for a year while looking for our options to buy a house. After a few months of house hunting, we finally found a nice house we really liked with a price tag suitable to our budget, so we decided to give it a go.

We went to the bank we always used (a major one), and all of our accounts are with them. With both of us have fairly good credit scores of above 700, we expected the process to go smoothly, as our credit history with this bank was also good. It went well in the beginning, with them basically saying not to worry, and our loan will be definitely approved. However, after 8 weeks of constant hassle, endless paperwork, and unanswered calls, we were so devastated to found out the loan was declined! We were really furious and devastated, as we didn't apply anywhere else because the bank was so confident, leading us to false hopes.

The homeowner was also getting impatient, as we have spent 8 weeks already, and he said he will look for another buyer. Thankfully, the realtor that helped to sell the house informed us about Reliant Mortgage. She told us to look for Josh, as he has helped her client in the past, and the loan process was faster than other lenders. After persuading the homeowner to give us more time, we gave Reliant Mortgage a call, looking for Josh, as we have been advised. From the first time we heard Josh's voice over the phone, and how he explained the loan process, we knew our experience will definitely be different than before.

We gave them a visit the next day, the office at Baton Rouge was fairly close to where we lived. Honestly, we were a bit skeptical when Josh promised us that the whole process will take only 3 weeks maximum, as we had that bad experience with false hopes from our previous bank. Josh assured us not to worry, and convinced us by being nice, professional, and was very patient in answering (a lot of) our questions. However, the homeowner already gave us a month before he will take another buyer, so 3 weeks was definitely very good for us. They fulfilled their promise after only 18 days, and we were finally a homeowner in LA! I can't thank Josh and Reliant Mortgage enough.

I recommended their service to a co-worker looking for a refinance, and she also got the loan in a very fast manner, and she was very pleased with the whole experience. Save yourself from a headache and hassles, and call them first if you are looking to buy a house or a refinancing. I would definitely recommend Reliant Service, especially Josh, to my other family and friends. They are very nice, professional, and never give any empty promise unlike other banks. Great job Reliant Mortgage!"