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   Real review of "Area Home Lending" in Baton Rouge, LA!

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  Adam Yates sent us his review January 10, 2017.

  Visited address:
  1737 Oakdale Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70810, USA

"As a realtor, I've learned from my 10-years plus experience in the field that having a great mortgage lender (or several options) is essential to ensure the success of my sales. With that being said, I've had many different experiences, good and bad, from many different mortgage lenders at Baton Rouge, there are I specialized in.

Although many customers nowadays tend to look for mortgage lenders themselves, sometimes they still rely on me to at least recommend the options, and yes, I've lost several customers because of bad mortgage lenders who seemingly take forever to close the deals, so now I'm always careful with my options. For my last 10 dealings or so, I always used Area Home Lending for my dealings, excepting some when the customers used their own lenders. It's not an understatement to say that Area Home Lending gave the best experiences I've ever had with so many mortgage lenders over the years, but I literally stumbled upon them by chance.

It all started with a lender which took forever to close. A home buyer used the mortgage lender I recommended, but after three weeks, they kept going back and forth about the 'paperwork'. I didn't realize that the lender has just got a managerial change, as well as the change of policies when I recommended it, as my experience with them was always good. As a result, the home buyer was really furious because I recommended a bad lender. The home seller then recommended Area Home Lending, because they have used it for their refinancing a few years back. Feeling bad about the buyer's situation, I visited Area Home Lending with them, and I have to say that Jason from Area Home Lending is the most professional mortgage broker I've ever known. The deal was closed in less than two weeks, and ever since then, I always recommended Area Home Lending to my customers.

On those sales of roughly 11 houses, Jason and Area Home Lending always closed the deals within 2 weeks, with only one exception when a customer had a mistake when filing their paperwork. On two different occasions, they even helped my customers that were unable to pay their loans on time, by giving extra time without any late fees and extra interests. I mean, which other lenders do that?

They are also really good for refinancing, with very fast closing time as usual. Not to mention, they offer better rates compared to other lenders in Baton Rouge area, even the credit unions. In fact, at one time, when a customer was not willing to take their deal because he already got a slightly better deal from a credit union, Jason was willing to decrease their rate so that it was similar to the credit union's.

All in all, all my experiences with Area Home Lending have always been pleasant, and I am glad to have used them in all my dealings. I would definitely recommend them to my customers in the future.

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