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   Real review of "Advance America" in Lincoln, NE!

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  Rachel Hope sent us her review October 2, 2016.

  Visited address:
  4718 O St, Lincoln, NE 68504, USA

"Has been a long-term customer of Advance America for years now, and I never had any complaint. Their online application was easy to use, probably easiest out of their competitors, and I always got approved in a fairly fast manner.

Their offered rate was a bit high but compared to other companies, they were better. In my opinion, their staffs were also always friendly, and their customer service was very helpful. I used their installment (short-term) loan from time to time a few years back, and I was always satisfied with their service. One time, I was unable to pay my loan on time, and when I notified them, they even gave me a 'one-time' deal so that I can pay the next week without any extra charge.

However, I didn't use their loan for about a year now, simply because my financial situation got better and I didn't see the need to take a loan. Thus, I was really surprised when I got an email claiming that I was approved for $5,000. I didn't apply for any loan, however, but the thought of having an extra $5,000 with installment surely crossed my mind. Sigh. Old habits die hard, it seems, once you're addicted to taking loans, you'll always be addicted.

Thus, I gave them a call. I noticed that the number they wrote in the email was different than usual, and it should have raised a red flag. Once I called them, the guy on the phone was speaking with a middle eastern accent with broken English. Not being racist, but it was another red flag, since, during my past experiences, the guys from Advance America always spoke with good English at the very least. When he asked for my account details, I already suspected that it was a fraud, so I refused the loan immediately.

He suddenly got rude, and he claimed that he just found out that I have an unpaid loan of $2,000 or so. Hello? How come you suddenly change from offering me a loan to claiming I have an unpaid loan for a year? It was simply ridiculous so I hung up the phone. Suddenly, another email came, claiming I have an unpaid loan and they were willing to write off the debt as long as I pay immediately.

I gave Advance America a call afterward, explaining the situation. Thankfully, what I suspected was correct, it was simply a fraud. The 'real' manager of Advance America gave me a website to fill my official complaint about the fraud attempt. I simply told my phone provider to block the number, so I can be at peace.

It's too bad that the name of Advance America was used for fraud, and I can see many bad reviews regarding the problem. It was certainly not Advance America's fault, but rather a con man (or several?) using their name to fraud people. I hope these people are caught by now, and be careful if you got similar offers."