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   Real review of "Check'n Go" in Lincoln, NE!

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  Taylor Faulkner sent us his review May 16, 2016.

  Visited address:
  4640 Champlain Dr #117, Lincoln, NE 68521, USA

"I was having a bad financial situation a few months back, I got laid off from my job and was struggling to find a replacement. On top of it, my son suddenly got a medical condition. He was born with a congenital heart defect, but he had no problem for the past few years, it caught me and my wife by surprise when his condition suddenly got worse.

Both of our credit scores were bad, so getting a loan was simply not an option. We were simply really desperate with our situation, and worse, our family and friends did try to help, but it was simply not enough. Desperate, I went online looking for my options for unconventional loans, and I stumbled upon Check 'n Go by chance. I often passed by their stores before, but since I didn't have any need to use their service, they simply slipped my mind. I filled the online application on their website, and after a few minutes, I got a call from them.

The guy on the phone congratulated me that my loan was approved for $2,000, and asked me to visit the nearest branch as soon as possible. Well, the branch at Champlain Drive was close to where I live at, so I immediately gave them a visit, simply because I really needed the money. How disappointed I am that after I spent more than 30 minutes filling their application again (hey, I just filled the application online, can you guys just print it?), the approved amount went down substantially to only $400. I was devastated, I think the phone call was just a bait to make me visit them. Because I was desperate, I took the loan anyway.

The next disappointment I have was when I visited them to pay the loan. I simply just got enough money on the very last day when the loan was due, and I was devastated to found out that they were closed at 5:05 pm when the door and their website clearly said 6 pm. There was a lady in the store, but she refused to open the door pretending not seeing me. As a result, I was charged with a late fee. I was in a bad situation, and simply cannot afford more fees, and It was definitely not my fault since they clearly stated they should be closed at 6. I complained really hard, but the 'manager' started being rude and even threatened me to leave the office immediately. He claimed I should have paid the day before to avoid such problem. Hello? The legal due date was not passed, and I shouldn't be charged with a late fee because you guys closed early.

Please avoid this company, they are heartless, money hungry people who bring more trouble instead of helping you. Not too mention, the interest rate is pretty bad, and they still want to make even more money by trapping us in silly situations. Don't make the same mistake I did and avoid this company."