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   Real review of "Lincoln Federal Savings Bank" (LFSB) in Lincoln, NE!

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  Nadia Dahab sent us her review January 4, 2017.

  Visited address:
  1101 N St, Lincoln, NE 68508, USA

"We have used Lincoln Federal Savings Bank for more than a decade now. We used their service ranging from checking and savings (obviously), auto loans, and even used their construction lending program once. They were all bunch of lovely people, very friendly and professional with their jobs.

A couple of years ago, our financial finally stabilized enough to purchase a second house for investment, so after several months of house hunting, we finally found the house we really liked with a decent price that suited our budget. Now, what's left was to find a mortgage lender, and as a long time customer, of course, Lincoln Federal Savings Bank was our first option.

We were also fairly confident to get the loan since our credit history with LFSB was excellent, and both my and my husband's credit score was above 700. However, the broker who handled us neglected the paperwork, and she even forgot to lock our rate. As a result, the loan process took too long, with us spending more than 8 weeks of a headache. We were then devastated to found out that our rate was increased because she forgot to lock it. We complained really hard, but we couldn't cancel the loan because the homeowner wouldn't give us more time.

Then, a senior broker named Kiann took over our case. Once we got introduced to her, we immediately know that our experience would be different. How we wished she handled our case from the very start. She apologized about the whole thing, and she promised to make things right, and she would close the loan within 2 weeks, mainly to convince her bosses about our rate, because it was the mistake of the previous broker. She did fulfill her promise, and after just 10 days, we got the rate we wanted, and we finally own the house.

We also loved how Kiann went the extra mile to give us some personal advice about how to make the most of our deal, and how she stayed to keep in touch even after the loan was closed. Definitely it’s an example of great customer service.

When my sister was purchasing a house, I immediately recommended Kiann and Lincoln Federal Savings Bank. I knew she would be in a good care, and my suspicion was correct. Not only she got a decent rate, the whole process was very fast. She purchased the house only after 20 days or so, which was very fast considering it was her first home purchase. She also liked the friendliness of Kiann, and how she was really patient in answering her questions, which I truly understood, seeing she was a first-time buyer.

In short, I would definitely recommend Lincoln Federal Savings Bank to everyone. The rates they give for their savings was slightly better than other banks here in Lincoln, and although our initial experience with the mortgage was disappointing, you will be okay if you look for Kiann and her awesome service. Thank you, Lincon Federal!"