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   Real review of "ACE Cash Express" in Eugene, OR!

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  Emily Hamblen sent us her review November 20, 2016.

  Visited address:
  895 W 7th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402, USA

"I have used the service of Ace Cash for years, maybe for almost a decade. Mainly I visited them to cash my checks, because the branch at 7th Avenue, Eugene is located between my workplace then and home, so I often cashed my paychecks on the way home. I also used their loans from time to time. Well, my financial situation used to be really bad, and like so many of us, I got tangled in the trap of payday loans cycle.

Now, I fully understood the trouble of payday loans. The interest rate is insurmountable, and the payment terms are often ridiculous. However, for so many of us with a bad financial situation and bad credit score, it is the only option available. So I won't give a shitty advice not to take them. Just make sure it's absolutely necessary, and be careful to make sure you can pay it on time.

Nevertheless, Ace Cash was, and is one of the best options compared to other payday loan companies. Their rates are still high, but relatively okay compared to others, and they didn't charge any hidden extra fees or ridiculous daily rates, unlike other companies I used before. Their staffs were also a nice bunch of people, and I was never treated harshly, even when I was behind on payments. The key is, if you are unable to pay on time, make sure you give them a call to notify the situation. I was only behind in payments once or twice, though, I can imagine if it's too often, they will start being rude.

I paid off all my loans, and for the past two years, I didn't use their service at all, mainly because my financial situation improved (yay). However, a few months ago, I had a bit of financial emergency, so I decided to use their payday loan again. It surprised me that most of their staffs were changed, and when I visited, I didn't see any familiar faces. I then found out that they had a change in management. I was initially very confident to get a loan since I had a mostly good credit history with them. I was really surprised when they only approved me for $200, which was a substantial decrease from what I used to be approved for.

When I asked about it, the lady seemed like didn't have a clue. She simply said that they had a change of underwriter, and could not approve loans based on past histories anymore. I was utterly disappointed and asked to meet the manager. The new manager was very rude and avoided answering my questions by simply saying there's nothing he can do to help, and I would need to build another credit history.

I refused the loan and ended up taking one from another company which approved me for a lot more than $200. Sorry Ace Cash, you used to be good and care about your customers, but seemingly your new management took away all those great things. You just lost a faithful long-term customer.