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   Real review of "Check City" in Richmond, VA!

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  Carolyn Powell sent us her review September 10, 2016.

  Visited address:
  3920 Hull Street Rd, Richmond, VA 23224, USA

"I was in need of a small payday loan since I had a personal emergency and payday was three weeks away. After weighing my options down, I chose the Check City since they have a location very close to my house at South Side (Richmond, VA).

Decided to give their live chat a go, but there's an option to put my number and wait for their call, so I did that.

After an hour or so wait, I got a call from Jeannie which is very helpful. She asked my needs and explained the rates and terms I'll need to weigh in.

I needed $500 (their maximum payday loan limit) for 30 days (Actually, I only needed three weeks but they didn't have that option), so she told me I'll need to pay back $620. The rate is a bit high but was expected for a payday loan so I accepted the terms.

Since it was a little late in the evening and my emergency can wait another day, I said that I'll visit their South Side branch the day after, and after explaining what I'll need to prepare (nothing really, just need to bring my checkbook.)

I came the next day, filled up the application form and signed a check for Check City which they will cash in on the repayment date (30 days.) The application form was pretty simple, only required my information, employer's, and reference information (I put my sister's).

As they promised, they did no credit checking, although I could say my credit score back then was a fair score. I received the money the day after, as they promised, so I was very happy to be able to settle my emergency situation.

After a month, they cashed-in my check and no added interest or fees were deducted. I was overall happy with the process! I haven't had any emergency where I need another payday loan, but if I will sometimes, I'd definitely go back to them.

(+) Here are some of what I liked about them:

- Helpful support, explained the process very simple and informative
- Flexible term of payment
- Overall very simple process
- No hidden/additional fees or interest since you write your check before accepting the money

(-) On the other hand, here are some of what I didn't like:

- Interest rate is high, as expected with any payday loan
- I didn't miss the payment, but I heard that their debt-collection process can be stressful to have

Overall, If you are located in Richmond, VA, and in need of a payday loan, I'd recommend Check City as one of your considerations. Keep in mind that their rates (as with any other payday loan providers) are relatively high, so unless it's an absolute emergency, you should avoid making this loan, especially if you're not sure to be able to pay it on time (or will need an installment period.)

Was a good experience, and I'll definitely go back to them If i have another emergency."