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   Real review of "HomeStreet Bank Eugene Home Loan Center" in Eugene, OR!

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  Gabriel Bradley sent us his review April 22, 2016.

  Visited address:
  800 Willamette St #525, Eugene, OR 97401, USA

"A couple of years ago, I and my wife were looking to refinance our house. We were hoping to get a better rate so that we can save more money in the process. We tried several banks and credit unions, but after 2 whole months of a headache and hassle, we still haven't got the rate we wanted. Not to mention, they were all very slow with the application process, and the endless paperwork really made us frustrated.

A good family friend who was a realtor recommended us to try HomeStreet Bank when we told her the story. She told us that she always have good experience with them in the past, so we decided to give it a go, although to be honest, we were a bit skeptical and were ready to give up the whole refinancing thing. We gave HomeStreet a call, and we got introduced to Christine. She asked us to visit for an interview the next day, and so we visited their office at Willamette Street, Eugene.

As soon as we meet Christine, we immediately got the feeling that our experience will be different that the previous banks. She was very friendly and very patient in explaining us all the details, as well as answering our (endless) questions. To be honest, she gave us similar rate to one other bank we inquired before. However, the way she handled the case and explaining our options, as well as giving us some financial advice to get the most of the deal convinced us to take their loan. She also assured us that the whole process will be completed before 3 weeks and although we are a bit skeptical since we took at least a month to get pre-approved from other banks.

It took us by surprise when she fulfilled her promise, and our refinance process was closed in just 16 days. She also sent us a mobile underwriter so we can close our deal at home, extra points for HomeStreet!

A year has gone by and we had no complaints about the loan. There are no extra escrow fees and increased monthly payments we got from our previous lender. Since our financial situation got better, we decided to purchase another house as an investment, and we immediately contacted Christine without hesitation. Again, she delivered us a marvelous job, and our second home purchase was closed really fast, and we got a really good rate from them. She initially offered us to try a credit union, since they are offering a slightly better rate. However, we decided to stay with Christine and HomeStreet, because in our opinion, the very slightly better rate is not worth it compared to our experience with Christine. It was a very good gesture, though, for Christine to show us more options, even from competitors.

Overall, our experience with HomeStreet Bank and Christine Duncan was very good ones. Christine is always very friendly and helpful in answering our questions, and always very fast and professional with her job. We always feel at home with HomeStreet, and we will definitely recommend their service to our family and friends."

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