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   Real review of "Oregon Community Credit Union" in Eugene, OR!

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  Valerie Spear sent us her review December 19, 2016.

  Visited address:
  488 E 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401, USA

"I have been the customer of Oregon Community Credit Union (OCCU) for almost a decade now. I have to say, my experience with them has its ups and down, but when I started with them, I really loved their customer-focused approach. They were really fast, professional, and responsive in all their products. I have had auto loans, mortgage, savings, and checking, as well as credit card.

However, a few years back they sold the credit card account to a third party, which was really rude and awful. So I decided to pay it off and closed the credit card. Over the past few years, however, I suspected that they are cutting costs, with several branches being closed down, and I also suspected they outsourced their customer service now. Their customer service used to be really friendly and responsive, but nowadays the customer service was just awful. They were not rude or anything, it's just they never gave any satisfactory solution to any question.

I always paid my loans with them on time, I even paid off some of them earlier when I had the chance. So, I was terribly surprised when they decline my auto loan to purchase a new car. Again, the customer service kept telling me that there's nothing they can do, and my credit line with them was decreased significantly due to my 'payment history'. It's really weird since my credit score was never better, and my payment history with them was always on time. When I asked them about it, they again said that they can't help me at this time.

This past 2016, they have the habit of holding my deposits. I have been a long time customer for nearly a decade, yet they still manage to hold deposits on my paychecks. I never had any bad deposit with them in all these years. One time, I deposited $350 cash at an ATM, mind you, they didn't have ATMs on every block like major banks, so I took the time and effort to find their ATM first. I was really furious when they placed 2-5 day hold on that deposit. I mean, it's only $300, it's deposited from their ATM, and it's cash. What is the need to hold that? Even worse, I deposited that $300 because I have a payment set to draw the next day, and as a result of that hold, I was charged with an overdraft fee. I complained really hard about this, but they said that the hold was for 'security' purpose. I suspected that they simply don't have enough cash on their end and need to hold off customer's money. They didn't even do anything to cancel that overdraft fee, which was certainly not my fault.

For these reasons, I moved my accounts to another credit union. Sorry OCCU, you used to be very good, but your service steadily declined over the years. I hope you guys realize this problem and will fix your issues."

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