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   Real review of "TitleMax Title Loans" in Alexandria, VA!

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  Allison Carmola sent us her review January 17, 2017.

  Visited address:
  8723-A Cooper Rd, Alexandria, VA 22309, USA

"A few months ago I used the service of Titlemax, and I would have to say, I had a mixed feeling about them.

I was fired from my job a few months ago and was struggling to find a replacement. As the result, I was having a financial distress, and I simply didn't have any cash left to pay the bills. I asked for help from my close friends and family, but nobody was willing to help, so I figured that I would need to get a loan just to stay afloat.

Sadly, I got a poor credit score, so taking a conventional loan was simply not an option. My truck was the only asset I could use as a collateral, so following a friend's advice, I started looking for a title loan. I found out that a TitleMax branch was located just a few blocks away at Cooper Road, so I decided to give them a call first. On the phone, the guy pre-approved me for $1,800, which was more than what I needed desperately, and he told me to visit as soon as I had the chance.

Because it was still before lunch time in the day, and I was desperate for the money, I visited them immediately, as like I said, they were just a few blocks away. Apparently, it was a busy hour, so I spent roughly half an hour to get my turn. The clerk lady who handled me was really nice and friendly, and because I was a bit nervous, since this was my first time getting a loan, It was a nice gesture to have. After a more thorough inspection, the approved loan amount went down to just $1,300. I was a bit disappointed since the guy on the phone told me that I would be guaranteed $1,800, but the lady explained it sincerely and answered all my questions in a patient way. Besides, I was really desperate so I took the loan nevertheless. I was also surprised about their rate, it was insurmountably high, but again, I was desperate so what can I say.

A few months then went by, and I had no problem in paying the loan. However, I forgot to take the receipt of this month's payment a few days ago, and then I got a call that I hadn't pay the installment. I told them that I paid them in cash a few days back, but since I didn't have the receipt, I had nothing to prove it.

Now they threatened me with repossession, and I simply don't have the money to pay them again. I asked them to check their CCTV recordings because I'm sure they would be able to find me there. I think a clerk took my money and took advantage because I forgot the receipt. It's my mistake, but I think they should have some solution for these kinds of issues. I simply don't know how to pay them now."