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   Real review of "Burke&Herbert Bank" in Alexandria, VA!

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  Beruk Tedros sent us her review July 8, 2016.

  Visited address:
  621 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

"I have been a customer of Burke and Herbert Bank. The branch I frequented was the one at King's Street, Alexandria, and after more than a decade, almost everyone there knows me by name. I ran a small restaurant in town, so I visited them almost daily to cash in the restaurant's earning. I have used their savings and checking service (obviously), an auto loan, and a business loan for the said restaurant, so it was obvious that when I was purchasing my second house, they were my first choice to get a mortgage.

I never missed any loan payments, and I got a significant amount of savings in Burke and Herbert. In short, my credit history with them was excellent.

I paid my first house by cash (got some inheritance), so this was my first experience getting a mortgage, and oh boy, I never thought that it would be such a headache. Because I had a good credit score and good credit history with Burke and Herbert, I initially thought that the process would be seamless, but I couldn't be more wrong. The people at Burke and Herbert were as usual, very nice throughout the whole process, and I could tell that they were trying their best. However, the paperwork processes were seemingly endless, and they kept asking back and forth for one paperwork to another.

They did pre-approved my loan, so I guess everything would be okay, but they keep missing one closing date after another because of another missed 'paperwork'. The clerk even forgot to lock my rate at first, so I had to be pre-approved with a slightly higher rate, which was certainly a disappointment.

Even worse, after 8 whole weeks of hassle and a headache, the loan was not approved! They said the amount was too high for my current financial condition, and they could not approve the loan. I was devastated. Not only I have told the homeowner that the mortgage would go through (since Burke and Herbert did pre-approved the loan), I hadn't applied to any other bank as plan B. I was so angry about the whole situation, and again, I had excellent credit history with them for all these years, and the house price was not too expensive for my financial condition.

Thankfully, the homeowner was willing to wait after I explained the situation that I would need to find another mortgage lender. I got the loan from another bank, who was not only willing to approve the loan but gave a better rate than what Burke and Herbert Bank offered. Now I started to wonder whether my decision to stay with them for all these years was the correct one.

I would recommend Burke and Herbert for all these years, but my experience for my mortgage loan was certainly a disappointment. It would be okay if they didn't approve initially, and I could apply to other banks without wasting 8 weeks of my time, and also the home seller's."