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   Real review of "FBC Mortgage" in Orlando, FL!

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  Kathy Behrens sent us her review April 28, 2016.

  Visited address:
  189 S Orange Ave #970, Orlando, FL 32801, USA

"After we were married in 2015, I and my husband moved to Orlando due to his job change. Although we really loved California, the job offer was simply too irresistible to refuse. The job also rented us a house to live in, but after a while, we fell in love to Orlando and decided to buy a house here. It was our first home purchase, so we were a bit nervous about it, especially with all the horror stories we have heard about how hard it was to find a mortgage lender.

After we went house hunting for a few weeks, we finally found the house we really liked, and at a very decent price. Still nervous about our mortgage lenders, I asked the realtor selling the house about her suggestion, and she suggested the FBC Mortgage. We decided to follow her suggestion, but we also applied to several major banks just in case. We were surprised that the FBC mortgage was the first one to get back to us, while the so-called 'major' banks took more than a week just to call us back with the application.

We gave FBC mortgage a visit, and we were surprised to find all the people there are very friendly. It really helped, because that was our first experience, and we were really nervous about the whole process. We got introduced to Kevin, who handled our application. He was a super friendly guy and very professional. Knowing that we were a first-time buyer, he patiently walked us through the whole process and answered all of our questions thoroughly. Believe me, we did ask a lot, but he answered all of them patiently and clearly, so we were convinced that it was the right choice to get the mortgage from them.

At first, however, the rate they gave was slightly higher than one other bank we applied to, but the bank was really slow with the whole process. We informed Kevin about the situation and he told us that it was okay to weigh our best options. However, after 3 weeks of a hassle and headache, the loan with the other bank didn't go through. I was really furious about it. Kevin then convinced us that even though their rate was slightly higher, we will benefit more in the future with their terms. We were convinced, and even got our rate lowered a bit.

After all, the process was really fast, and we finally closed the deal after just slightly more than two weeks. Kevin even gave us a call after we closed the deal, asking us about how'd it go, and congratulate us about the new house. Albeit small, we felt that it was a good form of customer service. A few months later we got another call from Kevin simply to check on us and whether we got any problem with the mortgage.

We really loved Kevin and the FBC mortgage, they were very fast and professional. We would definitely recommend them to anyone."