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   Real review of "Florida Home Funding" in Orlando, FL!

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  Chris Danner sent us his review January 10, 2017.

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  390 N Orange Ave #2125, Orlando, FL 32801, USA

"I am a realtor in the Central Florida area. As a realtor, it's important to have a good mortgage lender to work with, as many home buyers simply didn't have a clue to process their mortgage, and I consider helping them to get a mortgage is part of the trade. In the past, I used the service of a certain major bank in the Florida area. I never had any problem until last year, when suddenly they had a management change and every loan application was processed really slow. I keep getting complaints after complaints from my buyers, and I decided to find another lender.

A realtor friend suggested the Florida Home Funding, and that is how I stumbled upon them. When I looked up their reviews, I was a bit skeptical because all of them were good reviews, and I suspected the reviews were manufactured to be good. I got a home ready to be sold, and the buyer was looking for a lender, so I decided that it might be a good opportunity to try Florida Home Funding. I gave them a call and was introduced to Shahram, that was when I immediately knew that my experience with Florida Home Funding will be different.

I explained my situation to Shahram that I was a realtor looking for a lender for my client, and he welcomed the opportunity. He promised that he won't take more than 3 weeks to close the deal if my client got enough credit score (which she was). I told my client of the situation and introduced to Shahram. I was initially skeptical about that 3-weeks promise, but I decided to give it a go. Shahram was a really nice guy over the phone and very helpful, that was what convinced me to give it a try.

It took me by surprise that Shahram kept his promise, and the deal was closed in just 18 days. My buyer was really happy with the whole experience, thanking me over and over again. I gave Shahram another call that I was surprised and happy about the whole experience, and I would send more clients to him. I did send another client, and another, and another, all deal was closed in a very fast manner, and all of my clients reported their good experience. There was a case when my client got rejected, but it was due to the buyer's mistake regarding his paperwork, so no mistake on Shahram and Florida Home Funding's end.

Overall it was really good experiences with Florida Home Funding, and I absolutely loved how Shahram and team were always so helpful, friendly, and professional towards the customers. As a realtor, I knew that finding a good and reliable mortgage lender is really hard, and I am glad to have used Florida Home Funding. I would definitely recommend Florida Home Funding to anyone, as I have always recommended them to all of my clients. Have dealt more than 15 mortgages with them without any problems."

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