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   Real review of "Orlando Financial Center Inc" in Orlando, FL!

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  Aaron Shipman sent us his review May 19, 2016.

  Visited address:
  605 E Robinson St #700, Orlando, FL 32801, USA

"I and my wife were always dreaming of owning a house, and after all the years of struggling financially, we finally were stable enough to purchase a house, and we definitely couldn't wait for it. We really wanted to make it right, so we waited until we found the house we really liked, and we did. I myself, my wife, and the kids really loved the house, and the homeowner, as well as the realtor, was a bunch of nice people.

Now, what's left is to find a mortgage lender. I have been a long time account holder with USDA, and with them, I had an auto loan and student loan for my kids, so USDA was obviously our first choice. Again, this was my very first experience for a mortgage, so I was obviously clueless about the whole process. I thought it was the norm when the 'paperwork' process took more than a week, then two, then three, and after eight whole weeks of a headache of going back and forth, I was so devastated when our loan was rejected. Not only we were so confused, because our credit history with USDA was excellent, and both I and my wife had more than 700 credit score, they took two whole months just to inform us that the loan was declined.

We were really sad about the whole situation, and the thought of being a life-long renter was killing us. We informed the realtor about the situation, and that we were unable to get any loan, and it would be okay if there's any other buyer. Thankfully, the realtor and the homeowner said they were willing to give us more time, and the realtor recommended to try Orlando Financial Center.

Desperate, we gave Orlando Financial Center a call, but to be honest we already sort of giving up. However, one we talked to Kevin Kennedy over the phone, we started to see hope that we could get our mortgage loan after all. We gave Kevin a visit at their office on East Robinson Street, and he was very friendly during the whole process. He explained the whole things thoroughly and patiently answered all our questions. He also promised to close the deal before 2 weeks. Well, we were very skeptical about the last part, but we had nothing to lose after all. Kevin suggested us to switch to FHA, and we agreed to the plan. He explained the benefits thoroughly and even gave us some financial advice to get the most from the deal.

We were really surprised when Kevin kept his promise, and the deal was closed in 13 days! We were so happy that we are finally a homeowner. In our opinion, Orlando Financial Center gave a great customer service really hard to find in any business these days. They were really professional and friendly, and we couldn't be more thankful of how Kevin and his team really helped us to finally get our mortgage loan. We would definitely recommend Orlando Financial Center."