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   Real review of "Holladay Bank&Trust" in Salt Lake City, UT!

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  Josh Garcia sent us his review August 7, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2020 E Murray Holladay Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84117, USA

"I have joined Holladay Bank & Trust for 3 Years. The branch location was located very close by to my neighborhood, and all my neighbor and friends at the same complex are mostly customers of Holladay. As for myself, the reason for me to affiliate with Holladay Bank & Trust was because they provide a wide variance of loan programs. Another cause for me to keep using the Holladay Bank loans is simply because they give better loans program than any other loans services I know.

With a good district around the Holladay, many of the customers tend to have the sort of friendliness between the customer and employee. In my experience, all employees that ever serve and handle my loans program were friendly in manner and easy to work with. On other occasions, I have heard a story from of my friend and neighbor that some of the employees went the extra mile to help the customers, to make sure that the loan can be approved. In my other case, around half a year ago, I tried to secure another loan for my other family business. I bring my family as well for the document and other small matters that correspond to the loan. what amazed me was how well they aware and remember my family and they give a warm welcome to us until now.

To summarize, Holladay Employees does not care whether you are the wealthiest client or not, they will treat all of you as best as they can, I have never seen any discrimination, both racial and whether you are wealthy or not. On other times, the Holladay even gave some customers with great rates even when their credit score were poor. They keep maintaining a great sense of community as well as friendship, which are not often found this kind of company, like several other banks that I know. I've seen many banks whom the sole aim are to gain profits, and there's no sense of customer service whatsoever.

A great Customer service is a part of the positivity that this family-owned bank loan & service company have. Based on my experience, whenever I need help, no matter how small it is, they will help you just in a matter of minutes. With the kind and sociable employees, it made me, as a customer, to feel a pleasant feedback to all the major and minor problems, with my accounts and loans in their care. I myself feel reassured that no fraud will happen from this bank.

I have seen some other reviews about how their employees' performances were not up to their standards, or how they often made mistakes like decreasing the approved loan amount, but for me, I have never experienced such cases. However, I agree that sometimes on a busy day, the queue could take a long time, and sometimes the loan paperwork could take up a while before approval. Even with that in mind, I think their positives far outweigh the negatives, and In my opinion, most of the people I know in the neighborhood are satisfied with Holladay Bank & Trust."