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  Elizabeth Leer sent us her review October 21, 2016.

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  340 N McKinley St #102, Corona, CA 92879, USA

"Finding the correct financial institute that you can trust and rely on to meet all of your lending and financial needs should not be difficult. However some financial institutes tend to be less than they claim to be once you begin the process. That is why it is important to do your homework and ask the right questions; read reviews from reliable sources such as Consumer Affairs, and the Better Business Bureau before you sign any documents. We’ve done the research for you on OneMain Financial of Corona, CA to give you a head start in your search.

Who are OneMain Financial?

OneMain Finacial is a lending company that boasts about being around for a hundred years. It is true that the original company called Commercial Credit was started in 1912 in Baltimore Maryland, however since that time this company has changed hands and names at least half a dozen times according to their website’s “About Us” page. So, even though the origins of this company reach back for a hundred years, its branding, philosophies, and services have changed substantially since their early beginnings.

What they Offer

Personal loans are the primary business of OneMain Financial. They specialize in providing “quick” and “easy” personal loans that include:

· Debt Consolidation Loans

· Wedding Loans

· Home Improvement Loans

· Auto Refinancing

· Cash-Out Refinancing

· Car Loans

· Medical Loans

· Boat and RV Loans

· HVAC Repair Loans

Or use payday loans in Corona California for fast cash (even with bad credit history).

The way they work is through the internet, with the loan process starting as an online loan application that then progresses to meeting with an actual loan specialist who verifies your income, identity, and other information before discussing your loan options and signing the contracts. The upside to this process is that in most cases you can receive your money right then and there versus waiting for a check to arrive.

What does Consumer Affairs have to Say?

When checking out the rating and reviews for OneMain Financial on we found that they received an overall score of almost four starts out of five. This rating was based on combining 1,044 ratings out of 2,760 reviews. The star breakout was 751 five star reviews, 88 four star reviews, 12 three star reviews, 20 two star reviews, and 173 one star reviews. All of the data collected was based on customer reviews and there were no comments that stemmed directly from Consumer Affairs to add to the company’s review.

The reviews however jumped all over the board with consumers praising OneMain Financial for their great customer service on one end of the spectrum all the way to other customers complaining that it took weeks to receive their money, or that OneMain Financial employs the practice of bait and switch marketing. Although this company’s star rating is rather high, the actual comments in the reviews are a bit concerning. As we read through them we found that all of the reviews were either very good or very bad with nothing left in the middle. That inconsistency of service, company ethics, and follow through is something to be considered when thinking about doing business with OneMain Financial.

What does have to say?

After reviewing the diversity in consumer reviews we decided to check out what the employees had to say about the company. is a popular job platform that also offers inside reviews and information on companies that you may be interested in working for. The overall rating of OneMain Financial was only 2.8 stars out of 5 with only 39% of those employees who reviewed the site saying that they would recommend working there to a friend.

Those who posted reviews had a variety of longevity with some claiming to have only worked there a few months to others who have worked there for several years or even more than a decade. The one negative theme that was quite obvious from the start was the unhappiness of OneMain Financial’s employee base over the massive amount of change and inconsistency that seemed to be happening within the company from their most recent merger with Springleaf Financial. One staff member even wrote in their review that, “Not everyone is on the same page,” in regards to the company’s changes and new direction. The reviews would indicate that this company is not handling transition well.

Politics was another negative complaint about OneMain. Some of the reviews indicated that there were a lot of the stereotypical big business politics at this company. This prompts the question as to if too many politics are affecting the overall running of the business and trickling down to both the employees and the consumer in a negative way?

Everyone did seem to agree however, that the company offered great benefits although some stated that the health insurance had been progressively going downhill over the past few years, and was a good place to work overall. Some employees felt that there was definitely chance of advancement within the company and that the technology was top rate, with a good working environment.

What does the Better Business Bureau have to say about OneMain Financial?

When a search was done for this company on the BBB website, the results were surprisingly sparse. The only thing that came up was the company’s address and the Springleaf Financial Services name. This would indicate that the merger of Springleaf and OneMain Financial is more of a Springleaf take over than a merger and would explain a lot of the intercompany turmoil that is causing the employees to feel the disconnect within the company and its philosophies on how to do business.

Final Verdict

After reading the reviews of both customers and employees, it has been made clear that although OneMain Financial has corporate roots that reach back a hundred years; their future is yet to be decided. Without a consistent and clear picture of what business practices and business philosophies they want to take into the future it is difficult to maintain customer and employee satisfaction. The general day to day business may be running as usual, however it would seem that it is not running efficiently and this will in the end either make or break this long standing company if they don’t get this under control sooner rather than later."