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   Real review of "Prestige Financial Services" in Salt Lake City, UT!

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  Andrea Weston sent us her review January 21, 2017.

  Visited address:
  1420 S 500 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84115, USA

"First of all, how good your financial standings and personal credits might affect the way you are seeing Prestige financial services. There are several reasons why Prestige Financial service might have a complex feedback or review, of which many customers complained or complemented these financial services.

In my experience, Prestige financial service was the only one which accepts and give a good remark on my loan. While many others financial services, reject my loan application just because my current condition in term of credits was quite bad and low. At that time I thought that I was only being the lucky one to be accepted for a loan with such a very crappy credits that I have got, but it turns out the relative of my friend who happens to have a similar problem as mine, got accepted his loan as well. Intrigued by that services my personal opinion with Prestige Financial Services was undoubtedly great, and I also feel that their customer service was always very friendly and helpful.

However, some friends or neighbor of mine might have a different opinion. Based on their story as well as experience from getting the loan, they said that they were very unsatisfied with the process to have a finance loan from Prestige. Some said that they were giving them a very bad interest rate, and many other are being spammed and terrorized by the Prestige employees, which turns out to be very annoying. The way they disturb each of their customer every end of a month, makes many people felt insecure. I mean, some people could be unfortunate enough not to be able to pay on time.

Other negative feedbacks that many customers complaints are about how bad Prestige Financial customer services are. Many of the complaints said that what Prestige Financial cares about just the customer's money, and they only care about how each of them paid their loan back each month or not. Some of the staff even acted and talked very rudely to the customers, and said that they don't care, that they won't accept an excuse for any late loan payments.

Besides that, many customers feel that Prestige Financial had very bad protocols and regulation. Their standard operation procedure was so lacking, many of their employees were not polite, as well as very slow in processing and approving the loan.

In conclusion, everything that was good or bad within the Prestige Financial Services that many of the customers give their feedback on would be all according to what situation you as a customer had. Whether if you have very tight financial situation, as well as a bad credit score in your current condition, might greatly affect how you would feel about them.

That way, you might be okay with the way that Prestige finance customer service not giving any care about their customer. Yes, you might be called every month for more than 10 times just for the reminder by the Prestige employees to pay their loan back to them. When you felt okay with that kind of treatment from Prestige Financial Service, they will easily process and also approving your loan around a week or even less."