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   Real review of "Credit Union of Colorado" in Pueblo, CO!

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  Nick Salvo sent us his review November 11, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1721 US-50, Pueblo, CO 81008, USA

"I have been a customer for the Credit Union of Colorado for more than half a decade. The first thing I should say is, although a bank is first and foremost, a financial institution, a big part of it also belongs to the service industry, and most of us will be looking at the service of a bank to judge whether it is a good bank or otherwise. In that category, I personally felt that CUOFCO definitely deserved a 5-star rating. Every employee is always smiling, and you could definitely feel that they knew that they are there with the mission to help you every time.

Albeit small, I think it's important for a bank to always greet you, and thank you during each of your visits. I also liked how they always appear clean and organized, making all your visits comfortable. Products-wise, they always offer great interest rates and are always timely with all their jobs, so in that regards, I would also rate them high.

So in short, I held them in a fairly high regards, until the experience I just got last week. CUOFCO mistakenly withdrew the payment for my car loan twice in the same month, which in turn, allows my account from another bank to be over drafted. I gave them a call, and because I always had such good experiences, I was confident that they would try to make this right. The first lady I spoke on the phone was so helpful, and she understood the situation, and I definitely could feel she is trying to help as well as she could. She immediately had the money wired back to my account that very day, with the hope that I could avoid the overdraft fee. Unfortunately, it was too late, but at first I decided to let it go since she tried her best. However, I was also charged with the fee for the wire transfer. She did mention that it might be the case, and she told me to call her back if that's the case, and they will fully reimburse it.

So I did give them another call. However, I couldn't remember the lady I spoke with, and so this time a man accepted my call. This guy was very rude, and he told me that it was my mistake that the money was withdrawn twice, and not of CUOFCO's mistake. I was startled, mainly because there was such a different reaction from two different employees.

I told him that another lady was handling my case, but he accused me of lying because that lady had, unfortunately, left no sort of notes on my account. I finally asked to talk to his supervisor, and finally, the mistake got sorted out. The manager was making excuses about the rude customer service I spoke with earlier, apologizing that maybe he had a bad day. Sorry, but no matter what, you shouldn't do that to a customer, you should have been more professional.

In the end, they corrected the mistake, and even reimbursed the overdraft fee, but I am really disappointed that an otherwise flawless customer service was flawed by an employee having a 'bad day."

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