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   Real review of "Loan Stop" in Pueblo, CO!

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  Kyanah Ramos sent us her review March 3, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2016 N Hudson Ave, Pueblo, CO 81001, USA

"Loan Stop is a payday loan and checks cashing service specialized in the Pueblo area, and one thing to keep in mind is that they would only serve bank accounts from Pueblo, and probably surrounding areas (this one I'm not sure). I knew that because the first time I tried to get a loan from them, they declined because I only owned an account based on Orlando. They need your bank's corporate base to be from Pueblo, so I needed to borrow a family member's account ( I asked him to apply for me). This was certainly a hassle for some of us, and I posted this first as a warning so you didn't waste your time applying for them. Open a Pueblo-based bank account first before applying.

Besides that issue, they certainly lived up to their mission and vision to make payday loan process simpler and faster, as they have stated on their website. I liked how their employees are all very friendly and helpful. They always explained in great detail about the process, and after that, the process went really smooth. Their interest rate, to be honest, was a little bit on the high side. But compared to other payday loan companies, they offered a decent rate, and not to mention they are always more friendly that other companies I tried. Being from a minority race, I could tell the silent, discriminative look you get from people sometimes, but I never got those kinds of treatments from Loan Stop.

I also used their check cashing from time to time, because their branch at North Hudson Avenue was located on my way back from work. So whenever I got my paycheck and needed cash as soon as possible, I stopped by. I liked how their fee for check cashing was reasonable, and you won't lose much by using their service.

My payment history with them was also not that stellar, as I sometimes couldn't pay on time. BTW, I opened my own Pueblo bank account to get more loans from them. And in that regards when I was late, they were never overly rude and were always reasonable with their collecting processes. I always made the call to inform them whenever I would be behind, however, so maybe that helps. Their late fees were also reasonable and won't choke you up with horrendous interests and fees until you wouldn't be able to pay.

In short, besides the hassle of the need to open a Pueblo-based bank account, I felt that they are one of, if not the best payday loan options in the area. It is always good to have a friendly and helpful customer service, who would make you feel at home instead of alienating you, which believe me, I've got from some other companies. They are always fast with their jobs and never gave complicated paperwork processes, and all your loan applications will be a breeze. I have recommended Loan Stop to my friends and will continue to do so."