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   Real review of "Security Service Federal Credit Union" in Pueblo, CO!

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  Ian Ebersole sent us his review January 26, 2017.

  Visited address:
  310 E Abriendo Ave, Pueblo, CO 81004, USA

"I have been banking with Security Service FCU for several years now, and the branch at Highway 50 West was the one I always preferred to do business with, mainly because it's located the closest to where I live at.

I stumbled upon them, honestly, when I was looking for a payday loan around five years ago, as I was in a dire financial situation. As a credit union, they offered a slightly better rate, compared to other payday loan companies in the area, so that's a big plus, considering how the high-interest rates often caused more financial trouble instead of helping to fix one.

That first experience with them went quite smoothly. The process was really fast, and the lady who handled my application was really friendly and helpful. In the end, I got the money I need, and the payment terms, as well as the interest rate and fees, was great.

After that initial experience, I went for several other payday loans with them, and all of them were also processed really fast, and I have never been disappointed with the experiences.

Fast forward another year, my financial situation got better, and I finally able to save some money, so I opened a savings account with Security Service. I chose them over the other major banks based on several reasons: their interest rates are always better, you get more personal services from the friendly employees, and I had a great credit history with them, so I hoped when I need a mortgage or other loans, it would increase my chance.

Their downside, obviously, is that they don't have a lot of branches, and it's relatively hard to look for their ATM machines compared to the bigger banks, but with that slight compromise, you would get better services and rates, which in my opinion, is a great bargain.

Their greatest quality, as I may have mentioned, is their customer service. It's always pleasant to get a personal customer service, where every question is answered in both timely and helpful ways. I also liked that they always manage their employees well, so that the queue was never really long even during busy hours. I hated it when some other banks didn't make all their staffs available during peak hours so that the queue became really long.

I only had one small problem with them when they mistakenly blocked my card due to what they suspected as a fraudulent deposit. However, after I explained to them and cleared the situation, the process to unblock my card went smoothly, and they never made the same problem after that.

In short, my experiences with them were always great. I felt that in trusting our life savings to someone, we should be able to first trust the employees and staffs, and their friendliness and professionalism always covered that end. I have recommended Security Service FCU to my friends and family, and I would continue to recommend them to anyone. Great job, Security Service Federal Credit Union."