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   Real review of "Zach Larichiuta - Lucy Lending Team" in Charleston, SC!

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  Lauren Fiedler sent us her review April 17, 2016.

  Visited address:
  627 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403, USA

"As a realtor, I learned through experience that having a good mortgage lender as a partner is a must. Back when I first started, I lost a significant number of sales simply because the buyer failed to get a mortgage lender. The seller found another buyer from another realtor, and my sales vanished just like that. I could tell countless stories like that, and trust me, finding a reliable mortgage lender is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Some often gave false promises, stretching the application and paperwork process, only to decline the loan after the buyer (and me) have spent more than a month waiting for that false hope. Some often trap buyers, seemingly 'forget' to lock rates, and forced the buyer to take the higher rate simply because they invested too much time. A lot of them often avoid calls, and won't give any update until you finally give up. It was all very stressful experiences, and although I didn't experience them directly, I could feel the frustration and stress of all my buyers.

With that in mind, I could testify that Lucy Lending Team and Zach Larichiuta was the only mortgage lender in the area that was reliable at all times. Zach consistently communicated and updated me and the buyer throughout all the lending processes, always patient yet fast in answering questions, and always went the extra mile to ensure all the loan got approved in a timely manner. Even when a loan must be declined, he was always professional and quick with his approaches, and often offering us alternatives and solution, so that it won't be a disappointing experience in the end.

After countless tries with other mortgage lenders, I could say with confidence that I was never disappointed with Lucy Lending Team during all my experiences. I have worked with Zach for more than 15 houses, with only three got declined, and those were because of some problems on the buyer's' ends. I loved how Zach was always very helpful beyond all expectations, and even will answer my calls, as well as updating me for emergencies during late hours. On one case, he even worked through the night just to finish an application for a hot property, and we got the deal closed in no time.

I was also surprised to hear from an ex-client that Zach was really helpful when they had a bit of a financial problem, giving them an extra time of a few weeks just to get back on their feet, without any threat of foreclosure. I mean, which other mortgage lenders do that? Most of them are money-hungry leeches that only care about getting more and more money.

In short, I would definitely continue to work with Zach and the Lucy Lending Team. They are simply the best option in the area, and I would definitely recommend everyone to use their service. Friendly, professional, and fast. There is simply no one better to trust your mortgage to."

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