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   Real review of "First Reliance Bank" in Charleston, SC!

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  John Moock sent us his review January 20, 2017.

  Visited address:
  25 Cumberland St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

"I have been an account holder of the First Reliance Bank for almost a decade now, and I couldn't give them anything but rave reviews. I first stumbled upon them when I was looking for a mortgage lender, back in 2009 when I just moved to Charleston. It was a cliche story everyone has heard before: I used to be a customer of a major bank, which I chose not to mention now, and I put all hope to them to get my mortgage.

However, after 2 months of endless paperwork, and all the hassles and headaches, the loan was declined. It struck me by surprise since I had a good enough credit score of above 700, and I had a great credit history with the bank. I was devastated, the thought of being a lifelong renter really caused a great stress. Thankfully, the realtor who sold the house recommended trying First Reliance, as she has a good relationship with the branch manager, and they had never disappointed her clients before.

Desperate, I gave them a call, and the guy named John invited me to come visit them the next day to discuss the loan application. I did visit, and as soon as I met John, I knew immediately that my experience will be different compared to the previous bank. John was very friendly in explaining all the loan processes, and he convinced me to switch my plan to get an FHA loan. At first, I hesitated, but he patiently explained all the benefits I would get, as well as the higher success rate. I liked how he was really patient in answering my questions, and even gave me some personal advice to get the most of the loan. He also promised to get the loan done (or decline me) within the maximum of three weeks.

He kept his promise, and the loan was closed in just 20 days. Thank you, John and First Reliance! Finally a homeowner. The rate was great, and after all these years, I never had any extra escrow fees or other hidden fees I, which I often heard when people are telling stories about their mortgages.

After that great experience with them, I moved all my savings to First Reliance, and after all these years, I was still often amazed by how personal their services are. I rarely needed to give them a call for anything, except maybe when I lost a card, or when I needed to dispute a charge, but every time I did, they always gave me very quick, responsive, and pleasant responses.

One thing as a disadvantage, as with many other smaller banks, is that they don't have that many branches, and they don't have ATMs every block like the major banks. However, at that small cost, you get all the friendliness and professionalism, and overall great services of First Reliance. I would always recommend their service to my family, friends, colleagues, and to all of you! Great work, First Reliance!"