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   Real review of "South Bay Credit Union" in Torrance, CA!

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  Adam Taylor sent us his review July 22, 2016.

  Visited address:
  25362 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505, USA

"South Bay Credit Union was the first credit union that I joined when I just moved to Torrance area. The reason I joined was the distance from South Bay Credit Union was just one or two blocks away from my house, and with that reason, I thought it was better to join credit union near my home rather than looking for a far one.

My first impression was good, mainly because when I registered as a new customer in that smaller credit union, I had a low expectation of the service, as well the employee professionality, I simply didn't expect it to be the same as other bigger commercial banks or credit unions. Besides that, customer service was very friendly as well, it was not as formal as I used to have, and the way they speak was less robotic. The way they answer each of our questions was always easy to understand, and they tried their best to explain all their programs, as well as helping to solve my problems.

At one time, I tried to take some auto loan for purchasing a new car. I asked them about how the program for car loan works, and how much the interest rates, as well the monthly payment will be. The employee was very helpful. They did not put each customer in the same bucket, instead, what they asked was a very general question, as well as how our background, and how much loan benchmark I would like to have So, based on that the employee started introducing and explaining the programs that might suit my need. The employee then started explaining the interest rate, as well as the amount I would need to pay back. Another advantage of the South Bay Credit Union advantage was their methods of payments. Not many Credit Union in Torrance have several ways for them to pay your loan back.

Other things that I can emphasize were how simple and easy the procedures are when it comes to the customer services. As we all know, we may find difficulties when it comes to a credit union or even a big commercial bank. Although not all people feel the same way, but the fact is the terms and condition each union may vary. Some might be easy to get into, but another could feel that it was too complicated.

What I found in the South Bank Credit Union was very pleasant. Since I joined, not even once the procedure, as well as terms and conditions are a hindrance. What I found was the opposite, it was so fast and so simple that even my car loan was processed in a matter of hours. Out of curiosity, I even ask the employee for any hidden payments or extra payments needed outside the initial interest. With a kind smile and a good manner, they said to me very clearly, that they never put some kind of up payments, as well as hidden payments inside the installment that we agree in the first place. Overall, in my experience, South Bay Credit Union was simply the best option out of the others in the area."

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