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   Real review of "Torrance Community Credit Union" in Torrance, CA!

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  Brian Lanoye sent us his review September 8, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1511 Cravens Ave, Torrance, CA 90501, USA

"Torrance Community Credit Union is located in good strategic places within the Torrance area. At first, Torrance Community Credit Union was recommended by one of my relative that lives nearby. Based on his experience, he said that it is one of the friendliest credit unions that Torrance could provide. He also stated that he liked how they treated their account holders as 'members' instead of simple customers

With my relative's reference, I visited and registered as a new member to join the Torrance Community Credit Union. I always hated registration processes, and I thought this registration would have another bothersome paperwork, terms, and conditions. However, after visiting and talking to the employees, it turns out to be a very simple process. All you need was an ID that identified where you live and stay on Torrance area and a small amount of money as your initial deposit. When I asked about other condition that would need to be fulfilled, the customer service told me that there is simply none. The employee also told me there are no maintaining balance fee, as well as other hidden fees. What a surprise! It turns out to be a very fast and simple process.

Some other benefits that Torrance Community Credit Union provide were lots of alternative for loans programs. They gave that alternative in making sure that as a member, we would be able to find a suitable loan program that would suit our needs. Another point that I can emphasize was the performance of the employee that worked there. In my experience, all the things related to the Union was easily explained and professionally handled by the employee. At one point I asked about how the loan program works, and what kind of alternative payment I might be able to do to pay back my loan to the union. The employee responds to my answer in a simple and clear manner, so it was easy to understand.

Although most of the impressions that happened to me while I'm a member of the Union was positive, several said otherwise. Unlike me, my close friend had a negative impression from joining Torrance Community Credit Union. He and his wife already joined the union for more than a year. For the first time after their joined, they tried to take a car loan program that was provided in the union. After several formal documents that need to be fulfilled, as well as terms and conditions that need to be considered, the bank initially pre-approved their car loan. But unfortunately after all the procedure was fulfilled, the union rejected their loan because of unclear reasons, which made my friend and his wife disappointed.

In conclusion, Torrance Community Credit Union was one of the best places to be a member when you are located in Torrance. Although some members might be dissatisfied with how the program and the employee work, overall, for me this place was a good and pleasant place to join in."

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