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   Real review of "Montana Capital Car Title Loans" in Torrance, CA!

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  Lindley Marcus sent us her review December 25, 2016.

  Visited address:
  16300 S. Crenshaw Blvd, #207, Torrance, CA 90504, USA

"The first impression when I came to this title loan was alright. Before I came to Montana Capital car title loans (MCCTL), I did some research about several other title loan lenders around my neighborhood, just to find some nasty and tricky interest rates which are typical for title loans.

After that effort, I came to the MCCTL with a low expectation. I thought that all the procedures and paperwork will at least takes a while or even days, and I expected horrendous interest rates and fees. However, because I was desperate and I needed that cash quickly, I decided to give it a try. Amazingly all the loan process was simple and fast, and just in the matter of hours, my loan was approved, and all the terms and condition turns out not as complicated as what I expect. Although the interest that I need to pay was bothersome to me, It is slightly better compared to other companies in the area, so I was grateful to use MCCTL.

Other things that I needed to highlight was the way the employees treated their customers, as they are so friendly, as well as helpful. I felt that it was one of the key advantages of doing business with Montana CCTL. Their good manner in customer services and how they helped all the customers should be praised, at least in my opinion. That fact alone made them a trustworthy company, which is hard to find in the payday and title loan business.

I recommended their service to some of my friends and colleagues when they had some financial issues, and in need of a loan. As the result, they are complementing how the MCCTL employees worked, and they all had the same satisfactory experiences I had before. They said that they were amazed at how fast the processes were, as they completed the procedures and get their loans in just under an hour. As with me, they were also praising MCCTL's customer service. They said that even though they ask lots of questions about how their loan works and all many other technical things, the customer services were always patient and helpful in answering each of their questions. They really liked how trustworthy the employees were, and that good customer services convinced them to take the loans.

For the conclusion, MCCTL is a great title loan company in the Torrance area. Yes, their interest rate is still a little bit high, but it is better compared to other similar companies in the area, and they never included hidden and extra fees. Their customer service and professionalism are simply top notch, a rare thing to find in any businesses these days. The employees are always friendly, helpful, and yet professional in doing their jobs. You could basically tell that they are always trying their best to get your loan approved ASAP.

If you are in need of quick cash, and a title loan is your option, I would definitely recommend “Montana Capital Car Title Loans”."