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   Real review of "Complex Community Federal Credit Union" in Odessa, TX!

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  Caroline Ferguson sent us her review October 5, 2016.

  Visited address:
  2201 S Grandview Ave, Odessa, TX 79766, USA

"I have joined this federal credit union for more than half a decade. Overall this community federal credit union was not bad, better than other options in the area. Although during that year there are several mistakes, either my fault or the union employees', or misunderstandings between us, it was still an overall good experience to join this union.

The first reason for me to join Complex Community federal credit union was it was located in strategic places around the neighborhood. As for myself, it only took me around 10-minutes drive from my home. Another reason was because this place has several advantages, especially loan programs and fast check cashing, useful when you have emergencies.

As I said earlier about the performance of this federal credit union, only in the last 2 years I felt a significant improvement within the Union itself. All the employee and internal management changed a lot in terms of performance, the service, program, all were better. When I first joined, although the joining process itself was not overly complex and long procedure, it was quite a stressful experience, and the employee performance back then was below average.

I admit that this federal credit union has several advantages, It has low loan rates, a hassle free banking system, a good dividend payment. when it comes to your account, you will have a free same day debit cards checking account, and the share rates were good also. Although you may find all these advantages in this bank, many customers who come and go were never aware of these advantages, only because the employee never socialized them well with the customers, and there are no sign or flier that customer can see, which is a shame.

There are several problems that I can point out based on my experience using this federal credit union. It happened when I try to get some loan services from this federal union. When I sat down, the employee never introduces himself and don't even bother to ask the reason that I came or ask about some complaints or problems that I might have with the union. With the cold attitude towards me, it made me very uncomfortable, and when I ask about the program and explained my problems, he was not even very helpful in answering and not even try to give a good solution to my issue. That experience was absolutely the worst service that ever happened to me.

As years goes, I heard that there was some managerial chance, of which I felt that the situations slowly change, as well as their employee attitude. At one time last year, there were several problems in my financial, so I need to do some loan. Some other places rejected my application for a loan, and Complex Community was literally my last place to apply to, despite having a bad experience with the loan several years ago when I came to this place. Amazingly I felt a warm welcome from the employee. They greeted me, ask me what happened, and they gave the best possible solution for my problems.

For the conclusion, the Complex Community Federal Credit Union may have an unstable review and opinion in public eyes. As the times goes, however, they improved a lot to be one of the better federal unions around this area."