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   Real review of "Southwest Heritage Credit Union" in Odessa, TX!

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  Travis Pool sent us his review May 17, 2016.

  Visited address:
  930 W University Blvd, Odessa, TX 79764, USA

"The Southwest Heritage Union was one of the Credit Union that I would not recommend to people, please avoid them as much as possible. There are several reasons that I disliked this credit union. Many of the employees are downward lazy, they simply lack professionalism and would not do their job as Credit Union employees. Their attitudes are also very bad, they ignore my questions related to the terms and conditions in the union or about their loan programs. Simply put, their customer service is horrendous, and it is, at least for me, a major turn-off when looking for your banking options.

This union is located in a decent, strategic location, so initially, I thought that it might be a good idea to join SHU. However, as I have mentioned, their performance, services, and programs were so disappointing. I had several colleagues and friends who feel deceived after they have joined the union, and I won't blame them, having experienced it firsthand. You may think that I am so judgmental because I compared to other big financial institutions and banks, and my standard was distorted. However, that is not the case, as I have also compared SHU with other similar credit unions you can find around Odessa.

At one time, I want to cash out my paycheck. Although you may find several paydays and check cashing places other than this place, I chose to come to the Southwest Heritage Union, because it only took me 5 minutes of walking. I was utterly disappointed to find out that they are charging me with a fee just for cashing out my check, although I was already a member of the credit union. It was so disappointing, because I thought (and I guess, any common people would), that it should be one of the advantages of joining the union. The fee for that check cashout was written as the cost of 'doing business', and was written by a fellow member. It's not me trying to be judgmental, but how can a fellow member create that kind of fee?

I was devastated by how Southwest Heritage Credit Union treated me with that check-cashing business. Although there was always the first time in everything, I find it was rather odd how this union work treated the guest and their member. When I first joined the Southwest Heritage Union, I thought that I would be getting several advantages like avoiding the charge fee for cash out the check, and many other advantages like a different rate of loan interest similar to other credit unions that I have found in Odessa. But in return, this Union was quite a disappointment, as it was still charging me just for cashing out my check in this union while the other do not charge you for cash out your check as part of the services as their respective members.

There are simply better options in the area, and I would not recommend the Southwest Heritage Credit Union."

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