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   Real review of "Chase Bank" in Odessa, TX!

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  Brian Bell sent us his review January 30, 2017.

  Visited address:
  3800 E 42nd St, Odessa, TX 79762, USA

"Chase Bank is one of the quite limited Bank options that are located in Odessa. Unlike other banks, Chase bank was giving their customer a good quality of service, although this bank located in a small city in Texas. Being someone who moved in from a bigger city, I noticed a lot of banks in Odessa didn't maintain their quality, just because this was such a small city. However, that's not the case with Chase Bank, which is certainly the reason I could safely say that Chase Bank is one of the best banks that I could find in Odessa.

Besides the quality of customer service, I think their loan programs were quite helpful for their customers. When you start to join as a customer of Chase bank, they made sure that all their clients have more advantages and better programs than any other banks and credit unions. Other than their programs, as mentioned, their services were also delightful. The way they greet people and asking about how you feel were always very pleasant. They always ask about any complaints related to their performance.

One time, I had a bit of a financial distress, and as I applied to have a loan from chase bank, the personal banker that I consulted with in Chase Bank actually heard my problems. After asking several questions and discuss the loan programs that might suit my problem, he advises me and suggesting his opinion for the loan solution that I should choose, starting from how many loans that I can borrow, how big the interest, and the payment plan to pay back the loan. At the end of that, I followed his advice and agreed to the loan program, it was an extremely helpful experience. It is certainly nice to have a personalized customer service which will truly cater to your problem.

Another good and honest experience that happen to me as a customer of Chase Bank was when I'm accompanying my relative to Chase bank for opening a new checking account. The queue did not take long even though it was during busy hours. When he asked about opening a new checking account, it did not take a long time to register and open the new checking account. While waiting for the process, the personal banker was offering my relative several other programs related to the checking account. And when the registering was finished, the banker said that the condition for total checking as well as ordering a check will be fast and require no fee.

For my conclusion, Chase bank performance was very good. With a very good personal banker, as well as tellers which all are very kind and always maintained a friendly manner. They simply pleased all the customers. Not to forget, they offered a lot of really good products and programs, which really suited a lot of customers in Odessa. With all that in mind, I felt that Chase Bank was a very good financial institution, among the best in the area."

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