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   Real review of "ABNB Federal Credit Union" in Norfolk, VA!

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  David Powell sent us his review July 20, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1701 Church St, Norfolk, VA 23504, USA

"Abnb Federal Credit Union was one of the best credit unions that I could find in Norfolk. Unlike several other credit unions that I heard and used, Abnb Federal Credit Union was very customer oriented. That way, this credit union understands how its customers feel and their exact needs. When combined with their good service as a customer you will feel the satisfaction when joined and used their program as well as cashing out a check, and much more.

This credit union provides their customer with their very best attitude as well as professionalism. As a customer, you would not feel that you are in a credit union, not some big famous bank. It's all because how AFCU treat their customer as well as possible. The attention that they give to each and every customer which are either waiting or needed assistance, they always comply it without a hassle and with a good manner.

Other things that I will need to point out is how easy and fast they are in helping and fulfilling their customer needs. Several months ago, I brought my cousin, who just moved in with me to make a new account at the AFCU. When we come to the union and tell the employee that my cousin want to create a new account, the clerk lady gave him the paper he would need to fill and then asked several things about the type of the account that my cousin may need, as well as informing him about the programs that are available in AFCU. She explained thoroughly about what kinds of advantages he will get when he joined the union. Then, with some quick signing, and information about the terms and regulation that NFCU, my cousin get the account he needed, and it can be used directly after.

Some other things that I want to point out are their respective programs, which in my opinion were very helpful, starting with several kinds of loan programs, several programs of investing through Abnb federal credit union, and some dedicated accounts to help you establish and improve credit score, for those who need it.

Apart from the program and their good service, when you look at the location, Abnb Federal Credit Union was so big when you compare it with another credit union in the same city. The branch has a large waiting area with more than 4 working tellers at one time. Other things that they have are several lines of ATMs available inside the AFCU. All of that made the AFCU a great facility for some people who only need to check some balance or cash out some money.

In conclusion, Abnb Federal Credit Union gives their customers the best customer service in the area. Their competitive programs are good, a lot better compared to other banks and credit unions in the area. I can safely say that Abnb Federal Credit Union was one of the top credit unions available in Norfolk. Their strategic location and vast parking spot are also major plus."

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