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   Real review of "Navy Federal Credit Union" in Norfolk, VA!

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  Catherine Verdier sent us her review March 3, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1530 International Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23513, USA

"The Navy Federal Credit Union, obviously, is focused on catering the Navy and military. As a veteran of the United States, I am a long term account holder of the credit union in Norfolk area, and I could safely say that I am a satisfied customer.

However, although they are a navy-focused bank, they also cater to civilian just the same. I recommended the service of the Navy Federal Credit Union to a friend, which is a civilian, and he is just as satisfied as I am as a customer.

The one thing we really liked about the Navy Federal Credit Union is their customer service. They are really customer oriented and focused, and were always friendly while keeping their professionalism. Although it may seem far-fetched, I can say that their customer service is the best in the area, far better compared to my previous bank, the Bank of America.

They also offer great rates and deals, a lot better compared to other banks in Norfolk. For navy and army members, they are also more lenient with their loans. I refinanced my house with Navy Federal Credit Union, and the process went really smoothly albeit my not so excellent credit score. I got the refinancing done in just slightly over two weeks, and they were really helpful throughout the whole process. I also applied for refinancing to the Bank of America, for comparison, and not only that they are slower in processing the loan, but the rate they offered was also slightly higher.

The highlight of their products for me, however, is their savings and investment products. At this point in life, I am more interested in making my money works for me, and the Navy Federal Credit Union are offering a wide range of investment products. They also have several options dedicated to improving your credit score, if you are in need of such features. The cash reward cards are also great, among the best compared to other competitors.

Overall, as you can see, the Navy Federal Credit Union is not just a money-sucking financial institution, unlike many other banks out there. You can definitely feel that they thoroughly care about their customers and their financial well-being, especially for the navy and military members and veterans, although civilians can also benefit from their wide range of products. It is very rare for a financial institution to be great in terms of customer service, and I could safely say that the Navy Federal Credit Union belongs to the rarity.

Not only they are offering some of the best deals and rates in the Norfolk area, they are also very friendly and professional, and you can definitely feel that the employees would give them all to satisfy your needs, especially when you are in the middle of a loan process. I have seen them went the extra mile to make sure your loan got approved in a timely manner. I have recommended Navy Federal Credit Union to my friends and family, and will definitely recommend them to anyone."