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   Real review of "ACE Cash Express" in Norfolk, VA!

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  Ian Holder sent us his review February 1, 2017.

  Visited address:
  1000 Park Ave, Norfolk, VA 23504, USA

"I have been a long time customer of Ace Cash Express, with the branch I frequented being the one at Park Avenue, Norfolk area. I mainly use their service to cash my checks, as they are located on my way back from my workplace. I often cash my paychecks from time to time when I needed immediate cash.

Regarding their check cashing service, well, I could say that it's so-so. They are definitely not the cheapest regarding fees, but also don't belong on the expensive side. Service-wise, they are always friendly and helpful, but the queue tends to be really long during busy hours, so avoid visiting them during peak hours. However, they also often closed earlier than what's stated on the door, which could be a hassle and definitely need improvements. I have seen people banging at the door because they would miss their loan payment deadline, or in desperate needs to cash their checks. They should really improve on this matter, it could hurt a lot of people.

I also used their payday loan services from time to time. Well, I know that payday loans are dangerous for your financial well-being, as the high-interest rate can trap you in the long run. However, as a person with not-so-decent credit score, what else can you do? I could definitely relate to people with similar situations to mine. Regarding their payday loan service, well, I could safely say that it's also average. They offered a quite high-interest rate, as expected with anyone in the payday loan business. However, compared to other similar companies in the area which I have used before, they offered a slightly better rate. They are also, obviously, cheaper ones, but they tend to be a hassle with their services, which were often rude or really slow in processing the loans.

I was also not perfect with my credit history with them, as I was unable to pay them on time on several occasions. However, I always gave them a call to notify them when the situations arise, and they remained civil during their collection process. They were never overly rude in collecting the unpaid loan, which was a relieve. The fact that I always notify them might help, although I'm not so sure if it's just their standard practice.

However, not so long ago I got a call claiming to be from Ace Cash, which was overly rude, threatening me to paid the loan I hadn't paid. At that time, I paid all my loans to Ace Cash, so I was utterly confused with it. The accent of the guy on the phone seems strange, and the English were not perfect. When I gave Ace Cash a call regarding the situation, they said that it was a fraud, and it has happened a lot of time before. They offered me to report my case to some sort of website, but I let it go because the guy didn't call anymore. Overall, it was always a decent experience with Ace Cash, but be careful with fraud calls. Not their mistake, but people might misunderstood."