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  Kathy Colbert sent us her review March 18, 2016.

  Visited address:
  316 N Ironwood Dr, South Bend, IN 46615, USA

"I used 1st Midwest Mortgage Corporation to purchase my first house a few years back. I just moved to South Bend back then due to a change of job, and after I settled down, I decided to look for a house. I finally found a house I really liked at just the right price, so what's left was only to find a mortgage lender.

As I have mentioned, I was pretty new in the area, and I had no clue of which mortgage lender to choose, so I tried for obvious banks and major lenders first, as anyone would. It was not only my first house in South Bend, but truly the first ever house I had bought, so I was clueless and nervous about the whole process. I never imagined that the application process would be really frustrating. It took all of them more than two weeks just to get back to me to re-confirm my information and another two weeks of going back and forth for paperwork and more paperwork. It was really a hassle, and one of the banks even forgot to lock my rate, so the rate I got was higher that what was confirmed before.

When I told my realtor about the frustration, she suggested 1st Midwest Mortgage Corporation, as they had always provided her with good experiences in the past, and that was how I stumbled upon them. As I gave them a call, I got introduced to Kevin, and I immediately knew that the experience will be different from the others. He suggested switching to an FHA plan, as it would be a faster process, considering I have spent quite a lot of time with other mortgage lenders to no avail, and I was not sure if the house would still be available. I was hesitant about the FHA plan, but he explained the benefits thoroughly and was very patient in answering all my questions. In the end, I was convinced. He also promised to get the loan done as soon as possible and will either approve or decline me within three weeks. Well, at least he didn't give any false hope, unlike the other banks.

In the end, I was approved in just 16 days. Kevin kept me informed almost every day about the whole thing and worked closely with my realtor for the inspection and follow-up. He worked really fast, and I could definitely tell that he really tried to give his all to get me approved. It was really a superb experience.

In the end, not only I got approved faster than the other banks and lenders, I also got a significantly better rate. A few months back, I just purchased my second house with the 1st Midwest Mortgage Corporation, and again, Kevin and his team delivered a great job, and the loan was closed really fast, without all the hassle and headache. I would definitely recommend 1st Midwest Mortgage Corporation to my family and friends, and to anyone."