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   Real review of "CheckSmart" in South Bend, IN!

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  Amy Wleklinski sent us her review January 25, 2017.

  Visited address:
  1331 Portage Ave, South Bend, IN 46616, USA

"I have used the service of CheckSmart from time to time for several years now. The branch at Portage Ave is just a few blocks away from my workplace, so I mainly used their service to cash my paycheck when I needed immediate cash. Regarding their check cashing service, it was pretty okay at best, they didn't charge too much fees, and the employees were always friendly. I liked how they were never really busy even during the busiest hours, so I wouldn't have to waste too much time queuing.

I also used their payday loan services from time to time. Well, I know that taking payday loans is not the best practice for your financial health, but as a person struggling to improve my credit score, what can I do? I was always careful about taking any payday loan, though, as I know it could choke you up with the high interest. I never took too big of a loan, and I was always selective with the payday loan companies, and that is part of the reason why I chose CheckSmart.

Well, their interest rate is still high, which is expected as with any payday loan companies in South Bend, but it is relatively lower compared to other payday loan companies in the area. Well, I've tried a few, with mostly bad experiences. Sometimes they put some hidden fees you didn't realize until you signed the loan, sometimes, they were simply rude and not helpful. I never had those issues with CheckSmart. Being of a minority race, I could definitely tell when someone gave that discriminative look and treatment, and that's why I liked doing business with CheckSmart, as they never gave me those kinds of treatment. They were also always fast with the loan process, and I never spent more than an hour before leaving with the loan. So overall, I am a pleased customer.

I didn't use any of their services in the past couple of years, mainly because my financial situation got better as I changed job. However, a few weeks ago I had some financial emergency, so I decided to give them a visit to take another loan. I was surprised that their treatment was very different that usual, the clerk lady was not rude, but really slow with her work. I figured that during the past couple of years, they must have changed employees.

I was then really surprised that they won't give me the usual amount of my loan, only giving half. When I asked them about it, as I had an excellent credit history with them, they simply said that they changed their underwriter, and couldn't approve the loan based on past histories anymore. I was utterly disappointed. I refused the loan and went to another place nearby which not only give me the amount I needed but offered me a better rate. It seems like the quality of CheckSmart has declined over the years, and they doesn't give the best rate anymore."