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   Real review of "Grand Bank of Texas" in Dallas, TX!

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  Tatiana Perea sent us her review October 22, 2016.

  Visited address:
  305 E Colorado Blvd, Dallas, TX 75203, USA

"I've been a member of this small community bank for over a year. They are a remarkable bank, in my opinion, although it is fairly small. I've lived in Texas for more than 16 years now, and in all those years, I have joined several other banks and credit unions around my neighborhood. That's why, as a customer, I was amazed at Grand Bank of Texas' ways of handling their customers. They were always very professional and all their employees were always humble and polite, while always professional in doing their businesses.

Concerning the employee's' professional attitudes toward the customers, I am sure that the service they provide never disappoint. I can guarantee that because I always come to this bank at least once a week and I never felt dissatisfied toward their assistance. They always treat all the customer in a pleasant manner. When we, as the customer ask either for help or question, they always try their hardest to find the best solution possible. This kind of service that the Grand Bank of Texas provides made a bond that builds up trusts. And with that, we do not have to worry and feel insecure toward the Grand Bank of Texas, and instead, we can have a better confidence. They truly act like they are a partner to our financial needs, instead of just being a for-profit institution.

Their customer service, as I mentioned, is excellent. You will feel and see that with the way they treat you, they definitely value their customers eagerly. Even when you ask them only via phone calls, it will never an automated phone robotic message. Instead, it was direct to the hotline service that Grand Bank provides. In a sense, their treatment made their customers like family. Aside from that, their offering in banking solution was great and can cater for many customers. Many of their services are free of charge, such as notarizing or document or printing money orders, which is a rarity among other banks nowadays. Many other banks in the area will charge you, no matter how small, for those kinds of services, so it is definitely another convenience.

However, although the Grand Bank of Texas is overall great, especially with their heartwarming customer services, not everything is perfect. There are several things that they do not excel in. In my previous experiences, I found out that they have a very bad reputation concerning their online services, and I have to say, it's true. Their website is simply sub-par compared to other banks nowadays, and their online checking service is not real-time. Sometimes the online checking service can make you confused since the numbers sometimes don't match to your actual balance. However, as I rarely used their online services anyways, it is a minor hindrance for me. Overall, I think the Grand Bank of Texas is definitely one of the best options in Dallas, and I will definitely recommend their service to anyone."

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