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   Real review of "ACE Cash Express" in New Orleans, LA!

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  Brian Daube sent us his review September 22, 2016.

  Visited address:
  401 S Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112, USA

"ACE Cash Express is one of the leading financial companies in New Orleans, LA. This particular company provides an assortment of credit services including short term consumer services, prepaid debit cards and bill pay amongst others. The company has been providing these services since 1968 when it was started. This has given the company a good understanding of this area and the general financial market therefore giving it an upper hand over most similar companies. The vast experience of the company has also given it time to grow which allows it serve its clients in a more convenient manner.

The primary objective of ACE Cash Express is proving alternative financial services to the residents of this area. This means that it targets the people who do not want or cannot get different financial services from traditional banks. The services provided by this company are not only more flexible, but they are also faster. This is helpful because most traditional banking services are known to be slow and to have a lot of requirements. The many requirements usually lock out many people who cannot meet them. Furthermore, the services take longer before the clients can access the money. This is inconvenient especially to the people who have emergencies and require fast credit.

To ensure that the company reaches out to as many people as possible in New Orleans, it provides its services even online. As a result, the people looking for the various financial services can access them through the company’s website. The importance of this is that almost everyone in this area now can access the internet. As a result, even the busy people who might not have time to travel to banks can easily access the financial services provided by this company. They just need to get into the websites and make the applications provided they meet the simple requirements. The applications are usually processed within hours which is helpful for people looking for emergency cash.

Amongst the most popular credit services provided by ACE Cash Express include payday loans. These loans are short time credit services offered to people where they repay when they are paid. The payday loans are usually repaid immediately the person taking the loan is paid. In most cases it is the end of the month but this can be agreed with this financial company depending on when a person is expecting to be able to repay the loan. The payday loans are very popular because many people are faced with financial requirements prior to the days they are paid. In such a situation the people find themselves in need of a fast source of cash. By coming to this company they are able to get the fast cash within hours and as a result they are able to solve their financial needs conveniently.

Some of the qualities that make ACE Cash Express stand out include that it has a team of well informed and friendly members of staff. This allows the members of staff to correctly answer any of the questions that the clients might have. As a result, the people who come to this company are able to make informed decisions. Furthermore, the company ensures that all the transactions are secure. The company achieves this through putting up system that keep the financial details of the clients very secure. Therefore, ACE Cash Express is one of the leading financial institutions in New Orleans, LA which is trusted by many people."