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   Real review of "Prestige Community Credit Union" in Dallas, TX!

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  Stephanie Rogers sent us her review August 16, 2016.

  Visited address:
  15203 Knoll Trail Dr #101, Dallas, TX 75248, USA

"I was a customer of Prestige Credit Union for several years now. I owned a personal loan and several certificates of deposit, and I had to say that my experiences with them were always great. Although I didn't really visit them frequently, I was always surprised by the fact that they always remembered me rather well. I think, the fact that it is a credit union helped, so that you can feel that the services are always personal. Besides the fact that they remember me well, the services were always sincere, nice, yet professional. Based on that experience, Prestige Community Credit Union gave me a great impression in how they run their community.

There are several positive things that I want to convey. First was how this union have responsible and helpful employees. The first time I visited them, to register my account, the employee who in serviced me was very well informed and polite. He set up my account step-by-step and explained all the important things very clearly. It was such a pleasant service, and as far I know, there are not much bank employees that have that kind attitude, even in major banks.

Another thing that impressed me was their fast response when I called the customer services. At one time, I called to ask some questions concerning my Certificate of Deposit. They responded by answering thoroughly and as simple as possible until I really understood the matter, and no, I'm not a slow one, but you know how complicated bank products can be. Again, it was one of simple service excellences which many credit union should have as their standards, yet many of them simply didn't.

Prestige Community Credit Union was a member of the credit union organization in Texas state. Because of that, as the member of the Prestige Credit Union, I can make a deposit at various credit unions in Texas. It might not be a lot, but it offers extra flexibility. They also offered an easy way to access and even depositing checks via mobile phone, another great convenience.

The programs that the Prestige Credit Union set for their customer were very tantalizing. The rate Certificate of Deposit that they give is one of the highest in the metroplex. They also have better rates in almost every type of loans, which is definitely a plus. Well, they claimed that they didn't try to make any profit from all the loans, and although it seems far-fetched, at least the rates are definitely great!

In conclusion, Prestige Community Credit Union was one of few unions in Texas that dedicated their service to their customer, with so many nonprofit programs available. It simply makes all the customer realize that this credit union was not money oriented. If you think their programs not satisfying enough, Prestige credit union gives their customer a free nationwide ATMs. With so many benefits that a customer can get, I will definitely recommend this credit union to anyone."