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   Real review of "Texans Credit Union" in Dallas, TX!

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  Marco Martin sent us his review February 11, 2017.

  Visited address:
  5925 Forest Ln #100, Dallas, TX 75230, USA

"I moved into North Dallas just very recently. It was a nice neighborhood! First things first, I was looking for a new bank or credit union near my area, and one of my new neighbors told me that I should check the Texans Credit Union that is very close by. They recommended it to me because they always had good experience with them, offering great rates and services.

As soon as my first visit, I can see that the Texans Credit Union had that very friendly vibe. When I came for the first time to register and create a new personal account, the employee was very helpful in informing me what kind of account I would want. He explains several types of account available and asked me several questions to make sure I got exactly what I needed. Like my neighbor said, the registering process only took half an hour. They didn't give a complicated term and condition after creating your account there, so far I am very happy with their hospitality and services.

Their customer services were perfect. The bankers have a very good knowledge about all the matters related to the Texans Credit Union. Aside from that, they also keep their customer updated. While servicing their customer, they usually ask us to join one of their programs or loans. With their low fees program, great accounts programs options, several types of credit lines and dividends. It gave me a great delight to know that Texans Credit Union always try to make their customer have the best experience, which is a rarity. Some other credit unions that I tried were not very upfront with their programs and loan products, they tricked us by offering some sweet deals, and once we apply, they will give us some nasty surprises.

As I said earlier, Texans Credit Union provide their customer with several types of loan products. The most popular one here was the low affordable rates of new-vehicle loans. As for myself, I have never taken this loan opportunity, but my neighbor did, and he said that Texans Credit Union auto loan rates are one of the best. The loan rates were great and they have several benchmarks where you can set your payback rates according to your capabilities. You can also change the loan rates benchmark for free.

Overall, Texans Credit Union gave me an excellent impression. You may find some problems in their system, such as their online account checking and their website. It's true that their online and website are subpar at best. It's rarely functioning well and their online checking is also a disappointment. But at the end for me, it's a minor problem. Another downside is the number of ATM machines, but it's expected. In the end, Texans Credit Union makes me, as a customer, not to feel like a walking dollar when I come there. This is a great place servicing all kinds of people with any kind of financial background. For them, we are all treated the same."