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   Real review of "Chase Bank" in Tampa, FL!

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  Amanda Pearce sent us her review July 26, 2016.

  Visited address:
  4601 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609, USA

"I have been a customer of Chase bank for more than half a decade, and they are definitely my favorite bank here in Tampa. Well, they recently underwent a total rebranding and renovation, and I really loved the new look of the branches, especially the one at West Kennedy Boulevard, which is just a few blocks away from home. The rebranding is not only about the buildings, however, as I noticed their employees are also performing better. Well, personally I felt that they already did such a great job regarding customer service before the rebranding, and now they are even better. I could go as far as to say that they could be one of, if not the best bank regarding customer service in Tampa area.

Not only that they are very friendly and always will greet you with a smile every time you come in, I really loved how they managed their employees during busy hours. Although they were sometimes long queue on busy days, you'll never spend too long because they handled their businesses in a very quick manner, yet all the customers were always pleased with their conduct. The fact that they closed at 6 pm is also great, so in the case of emergencies, you can do your business in the evening. I can imagine this will be particularly useful for those with financial emergencies, and it will give you extra time if you have any loan with them.

Regarding loan, I got the mortgage for my second house from Chase. It was a very pleasant experience, and everything went smoothly as I got the mortgage in just slightly over two weeks. Not to mention, they offered far better rates compared to other banks in the area. I also applied to USAA and Bank of America, just in case, and not only they offered a higher rate, they were also slower in processing my application. I really should've trusted only Chase from the very start, as they simply offered the best deal and the best service! I still remember how the mortgage agent was very friendly in explaining the loan process, even gave me some financial advice to make the most of the deal. I really liked how the service felt up close and personal, which I didn't get from bigger banks I applied with.

The fact that they have quite a lot of ATMs in Tampa is another huge plus. No, it's still not as many as other major banks when you will see one every few blocks or so, but it's still very easy to find one Chase ATM in Tampa everywhere you go.

I also like how they offer a wide range of investment products, which is great for people like me looking for safe investment opportunities. In short, I really loved banking with Chase Bank, and I would definitely recommend this bank to anyone in Tampa. As I mentioned, one of the best customer services in the business, and offering some of the best banking products in the area."

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