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   Real review of "Amscot - The Money Superstore" in Tampa, FL!

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  Dan Lennartz sent us his review October 13, 2016.

  Visited address:
  4061 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33607, USA

"When I first moved to Tampa a while back, I was surprised by how popular Amscot is here, as I admittedly never heard about them before. I was surprised by how everyone, at least everyone in my circle, used them for almost everything from check cashing to paying utility bills to take payday loans. I truly can't understand such dependency, until I tried the service myself.

Well, the chance did arrive, as I had an emergency so I needed to cash out my paycheck immediately. I had to say that I was nervous for my first visit, as you know, the images we got for a place like this from the movies have never been stellar. However, I was surprised to find that the place was surprisingly clean, and I was immediately greeted by a smile, and a handful of free Tootsie rolls (which I love, thank you!). They were very busy, but I think they managed the employees well enough so that they worked extremely fast. I cashed my check in just under 10 minutes, although there was a long queue, and it only cost me 2 bucks or so. Now I understood why people love Amscot so much, they made this kind of business free of hassle and headache, and you won't need to spend a lot of time.

Fast forward a few months, and I had another financial drawback. I decided to give their payday loan options a try, well, my credit score wasn't exactly excellent, so I figured I won't be able to take a conventional loan. Again, they greeted me with another smile and another Tootsie rolls! Yay! The payday loan process was also extremely fast, and I got the amount I needed in a very quick manner. Not to mention, the clerk lady was very friendly, and we even shared a funny banter that left a smile on my face. I was also surprised about their rate. Well, it's still expensive, but it was better compared to other payday loan companies around the area. They also didn't include any hidden fees, so it was overall a great service.

In Amscot, you can also pay almost everything from electricity bill, phone bill, water bill, cable bill, and even send money orders and the Western Union. The costs for their services are very convenient, and since I got an Amscot just a few blocks away from my house, it is definitely a decent option for me, compared to queuing at the major banks which will take me at least half an hour.

Now I understood why my peers and friends are all seemingly 'addicted' to Amscot. A great place with great people and they provide a great convenience for any of your financial needs. Ever since then, I used Amscot to pay my bills, cash my checks, and occasional payday loans, and I never had any bad experience. If you happen to be in Tampa area, I would definitely recommend Amscot for almost all of your financial needs. Great job Amscot!"